auto fleet

5 Auto Fleet Risks Every Manager Should Know

Fleet management is a crucial aspect of many businesses today. For companies involved in logistics, for example, managing the supply chain involves reducing all possible

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German Icon Victoria Jancke has Officially Set Roots in Hollywood

Last weekend, famous German actress, model and influencer Victoria Jancke left her home in Berlin to pursue an acting career change in Los Angeles, California.

Morality music

Morality Music: An Independent Hip-Hop Label Based in DC

Morality Music is an independent Hip-Hop label based in the DC, metropolitan area; founded in January 2017. Morality Music IS committed to doing whatever is


Marcello Cantu On His Journey To Financial Freedom

Entrepreneur Marcello Cantu has luck on his side. With his new business Project Wifi growing rapidly, everything simply fell into place as Cantu teamed up


Rick Mac Overcame Cancer to Embody Empowerment for His Fellow Man

On November 28, 2018, Rick Mac was admitted to Cornell Medical Hospital. He spent a week in the hospital beginning intense treatment. Three weeks prior,


How to Be the Best Virtual Mentor During COVID-19

76% of people think that having a mentor at work is important, but only 37% of people currently have one. Why? Most people understand the


Mohammed Shakaoat: Voice of Entrepreneurs Worldwide

During Mohammed Shakaoat’s high school career, he constructed an entrepreneurial skill set through selling iPods, designer shoes, and video game consoles. At present, Mohammed has


Steven Ridzyowski on how to start a business and how he built

Steven Ridzyowski is an American entrepreneur who owns multiple 6-7 figure businesses. He started Ecommerce Marketing Agency and has had success growing and expanding this


Ryan Kearns on the importance of mindset and how it changed his life

Ryan Kearns is an American entrepreneur who runs his family business Fly Low Inc. He has come a long way in his entrepreneurial journey and


Joseph Song speaks on the habits and mindset shifts that led to his

Joseph Song is an entrepreneur who has let nothing get in the way of his success. His main business is YouTube Automation where he runs