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A growing business needs a lot of strategic planning and effective marketing campaigns. You have to beat your competitors using innovative trends.

You know how marketing tactics keep changing day by day, and every organization tries to ride the latest wave of trends with financial advisor facebook ad templates. So, as an organization, you need to outsmart others to stay in the game.

One of the most prominent trending examples in the last few months is live streaming. This marketing technique has become the best way to attract potential customers.

When trying to spruce up your marketing campaigns with the help of live streaming, several factors come into play, which, if used correctly, can bring massive gains to your campaigns. Here’s a brief overview to help you get started:

Look Out For Time 

The duration of the live stream is of utmost importance. 

It can’t be very less like 2-5 minutes, where users don’t have enough time to engage. It also shouldn’t be more than 1.5-2 hours straight as users won’t be spending that much to listen, and engagement won’t be as desired. 

So, it is crucial to decide your time duration wisely and make your live videos fun. You have to be efficient while keeping your viewers hooked.

The content of your live stream should be the prime focus; it should be interactive and informational for the viewers.

Share Breaking News

People love getting surprised; it gives them a feeling of excitement and surprise. Naturally, one of the best ways to generate traffic and increase viewers is to share breaking news on live videos.

Launching a new product, collaborating with some other brand or a celebrity, offering discounts or sales, anything that might be a big surprise among the viewers can be an effective way.

When live streaming keeps the excitement going, don’t disclose the surprise immediately. Have a fun guessing game if you want, this will get you organic engagement.

Behind The Scenes

Known as BTS in millennial’s language, Behind-the-scenes offers your users sneak peek of what happens at the backend in your office or what it takes to design and build the products they are using.

Behind-the-scenes can also get interactive and funny at times. It depends on the tone and style of your brand and the marketing campaign. Showing your viewers behind-the-scenes gives them a feeling of connection with your company. 

And, this will be the best way to connect and build the foundation of trust. Building your audience’s trust is the most important thing to do to build long term user engagement.

Don’t Shy Away From Interaction

When you go live, people start to react and ask questions, or they comment. To interact with your viewers, you can respond to their comments or answer their questions.

As viewers can jump in and out of a live stream anytime they want, try to keep them hooked. You can ask questions during the live stream so they can comment on their answers; this will keep the viewers engaged.

When you go live, followers usually want to know more about you. Give them some insights. Talk about what you are thinking of doing next. You can also try to get to know your followers more as well.

Host A Q&A

Hosting a Q&A has emerged as one of the most interactive ways of promoting your brand. Before going live, ask your followers for questions they have been waiting to ask you.

As a Q&A is interesting and exciting for viewers, your loyal followers would never want to miss it. This type of live streaming generates more traffic as users get to know the answers to the questions they always had in mind.

Asking questions beforehand gives you a list of questions to answer and a lot of time to prepare for your answers.

Influencer Takeovers

Working with influencers should also be on your campaign marketing strategy. It’s a significant way to increase user participation in the live session for promoting your brand. 

Once influencers live streams for your brand, it not only increases your viewership but also gets you more of their followers/subscribers.

You can also design the live session around Q&A or a talk show where users will be involved in actively asking questions. This will help you drive user engagement and offer to position the products subtly.

Live Interviews And Events

Are you planning a new event or a grand opening of a new business? 

Get your followers excited for this news and live stream at the event or opening. This gives a chance to your followers be a part of the event when they are unable to attend.

Live events and interviews are an amazing source of traffic, and it also helps in building trust and connection with your audience.

Host a live interview with a famous personality to get massive viewership. These types of interviews work wonders because they give an insight into the life of the celebrity that your viewers have known for so long.

Customer Support

It is similar to Q&A, but this makes the customer’s life convenient. This is a platform for anyone who has an issue with the product of services.

These live videos can go once a week at a specific time and for a limited duration. It makes it easy for customers, as they won’t have to open their phones and emails or call for support.

Using live stream to offer customer support is a unique way of interacting with your audience. You have to be thorough with the product or service you offer and make sure your solutions are helpful to the viewers.

Closing Thoughts

The human brain is attracted more towards visuals than text. Live videos garner more views than pre-recorded videos, as live videos give the environment to the audience to interact and engage freely.

People spend a monumental amount of time on social media daily watching videos. All you have to do is start live streaming, too. To edit or style your live streams, you can use an online Instagram video editor app such as InVideo for free.

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