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When it comes to starting a business, many people struggle. But you don’t have to.

Your business idea might be hidden deep within you, waiting patiently for its moment to shine. While many struggle to discover their deeper meaning in life and in business, you can set out on a separate path, and find that moment of fulfillment and passion within yourself.

To do so, first uncover your superpower. To help us uncover the mystery is Thatja Andrade, founder, and CEO of the Magnetic Women Academy.

The Meaning of the Genius Zone

Your superpower is your talent. It’s the place where your passion and purpose intersect – an area in which you excel at solving problems. This talent produces a flow state in dedicated, driven people, and this is why it’s in your best interests to discover it and live it. 

There are three primary reasons that your superpower will augment your business and help you lean into your true desires. Most of all, it helps you discover the potential in something that you do well and enjoy.

Andrade explains, “In narrowing down where you feel most passionate, you’re able to eliminate tasks and activities that drain your energy and creativity. Therefore, finding your talents can accelerate your path towards a life of fulfillment.” While it may seem intangible, your natural talents are readily accessible for those motivated enough to seek them out. And when you grasp it, establishing a profitable business that you’re fulfilled by becomes nothing less than second nature.

3 Keys to Discovering Your Superpower

Andrade shares with us three key methods used when discovering your genius zone. They pertain to looking inward and identifying the ways in which you provide value to both yourself and the community you serve.

“First, identify your area of expertise. An important step in doing so is conducting a self-audit. Honestly evaluate yourself and identify where you’re strong. Typically, your area of expertise will run in tandem with what you’re most passionate about,” she says. Sure enough, when we love what we do, we dedicate more of ourselves to it. We are in our element. Whether or not your passion is in alignment with your skillset, it’s important to leverage the abilities you’ve developed on your path towards discovering your superpower.

Andrade continues. “Be sure to note what people compliment you for. People notice when you’re in your power, so pay attention when they compliment you for things you do well. Those are signs that you were in your zone of power. Don’t fall into the negative thought loop that everyone can do what you do. The truth is that you are unique. Your gifts are uniquely yours, as are your talents and your offerings to the world. When people compliment you on what you do well, take note. This can be where your power resides.

Finally, hone in on your passion. It’s a key indicator of your superpower. When you consider what you’re passionate about, something may surface to the front of your mind immediately. It’s the activity or concept that resonates with your heart and soul. Take note of it: you’ll quickly discover that you excel at doing the things that you love.” As Andrade explains, this is what fulfills you, and orienting your business around it should prove lucrative in ways beyond building a fortune.

Transforming Your Superpower into Profit

Now you’ve built a working understanding of your talents, why it’s essential, and how to discover them, it’s time to uncover how exactly you can transform it into a profitable business using the power of your desires. One of the most underutilized functions of a human being is the power of desire. Desire goes beyond having an intense longing for something. If channeled properly, it can be used as a magnet to attract people and opportunities.

“Your desires are an indicator of what you are destined to achieve,” Andrade explains. “That’s why we always have a sense of achievement and fulfillment when they come to pass. What better way to live your life than to thread your desires throughout your business? If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial journey, it’s that women have a powerful magnetic force that they need to use more in life and business. Tapping into this magnetic power within you is a critical element in helping you transform your natural talents into profitability and fulfillment in every facet of your life.”

Ride on the Wings of Pioneers

You’re not the first person to create a business from the things you are naturally good at, and you certainly won’t be the last. Seek out people who are running successful businesses by leveraging their superpower and learn from them.

The most effective way to do so, according to Andrade, is through mentorship. “Find a mentor that has done what you are looking to achieve. A mentor that will show you how to harness the power and creativity of your talents, and how to direct your power into your business. This is something I’m passionate about. That’s why I decided to create a program and community to help female entrepreneurs succeed at business by leveraging their natural superpower. 

I was once lost on my entrepreneurial journey. That was until I connected with people who were doing what I wanted to do. By networking with them and learning from them, I discovered my genius zone and transformed it into a business. And it’s a business I love. I truly wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”

Package and Sell Your Superpower

No matter your genius zone, you can package it into a product or service that people desire. There are many people in this world that need what you’ve got. Create a brand around your flow state and market it to those who need your unique expertise, quality service, or guidance.

“You can build a profitable business out of doing the things you love. I know because I did. And I did it after years of working a corporate job I didn’t love. I knew there must be more to life than the miserable life I was living. To find it, I knew I needed to do something meaningful with my life. For me, my zone of power lies in human development and self-expression. I love helping female entrepreneurs tap into the power within them and use it to start and grow profitable businesses that they love. But I first had to learn how to package my genius to appeal to those who needed what I have to offer.

This is where mentorship and training come in handy. I’ve trained countless women in The Magnetic Business Academy to do just that. We are constantly launching amazing new courses that change lives forever. I do this because if you fail to package your talents the right way, you’ll fall short. You can be the most gifted person on earth but still, fail to leverage it. Put your best self forward to generate an income and create a massive impact in this world.”

Building a Profitable Business Within Your Zone of Power

Andrade believes that outsourcing and proper delegation are incredibly important in the longevity of your business and your mental wellbeing. “Often, entrepreneurs get burnt out. Not because they’re working too hard, but because they’re spending too much time on tasks they don’t love. They step out of their genius zone. Sadly, as you grow your business, you’ll discover that you’ll have to do things that are not in your genius zone.

While you may not be able to avoid them, outsource as soon as you’re able to do so. Try as much as possible to focus on doing the things that lie in your genius zone. Doing so will result in you being a specialist in that area. It will also help you maintain your creativity and, ultimately, the passion you have for your business,” Andrade asserts.

We all want to go into business doing what we love. And fortunately, for those of us with passion, drive, and a deep inward understanding of our gifts, finding the genius zone is an inevitability. Andrade believes that “The entrepreneurial journey doesn’t have to be arduous. By building your business around your true talents, you’ll enjoy every step of your entrepreneurial journey. Discover your superpower, couple it with desire, and you will maximize your chances of attaining unimaginable success.” 

If you’re ready to turn your superpower into a profitable business, find Thatja Andrade on Instagram, and let her know that you’re ready to obtain a free masterclass on how to transform your talents and desires into success and fulfillment. 

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