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JR Rivas, a young entrepreneur and founder of the business Instant Leverage, has found a way to help others get started and excel in their own business ventures. Rivas and his team at Instant Leverage have helped the owners of marketing agencies not only begin their businesses, but also expand them- all in the midst of a devastating pandemic. 

A Starting Point

Rivas did not grow up with money. Living with his mother, who never made more than $30,0000 per year, he was, in his own words, “dirt poor”.  In fact, he and his mother once went six months without running water in their home because they were unable to pay to fix a broken pipe. But JR has never allowed those circumstances to stand in the way of his goals, and he went on to own three brick and mortar businesses by the time he was 21. And he didn’t stop there. JR made it his mission to help others succeed in their businesses as well. From that goal came his business Instant Leverage, which focuses on helping marketing agency owners build and expand their businesses to achieve their dreams. 

The Process

How does he do it? Rivas focuses on two critical aspects of a business: the acquisition and retention of new clients. Finding and onboarding new clients can be a burdensome and time consuming process. Even once those clients are established, getting them to stay and providing consistent and quality work can be challenging. Often, business owners, especially those who are just starting out, can feel overwhelmed by having to do everything themselves. This is where JR and his team can help out. 


JR Rivas and his team streamline this process by training and hiring high-caliber virtual assistants for the businesses they work with. These VAs help their employers with the process of recruiting new clients and the additional hard work associated with that process, leaving the business owners with more time to run other crucial aspects of their agency. They work virtually from the Philippines for $3 per hour, and while such a seemingly low hourly pay might initially surprise you, it is actually higher than the rate typically paid by other employers in the Philippines, such as Royal Carribean and Carnival cruise lines. These companies only pay their employees an hourly wage of $1.80. 


Finding high-quality and reliable virtual assistants in no simple task, and after finding top talent it is crucial to familiarize them with the work that they will be doing, JR explains this process free of charge on his website, which allows business owners to decide whether to implement this process on their own, or hire JR and Instant Leverage to help them with it. At Instant Leverage, all potential virtual assistants go through a thorough 5-step screening process. They are screened for English ability, internet connection, competency, a background check and reliability. 


Success Stories

One young man who worked with Instant Leverage, Johnny Vo, went from absolutely nothing to making $35,000 per month. He started at $0, and by his first month with JR’s program made $11,000. With a current profit of about 95%, his business is flourishing, and he expressed his thanks to JR Rivas for making that happen: “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to do something different and basically take back control of my life and actually have a life and live and not just survive anymore.”


Johnny Vo is not alone in this astounding success. Another individual, Yash, lost his job in February at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. While searching for a job, he heard about JR through his friends. After he began working with Rivas and his team he has been able to grow his business to the point where he has now landed five clients at $1,500 per month. Instant Leverage has helped Yash go from being unemployed to being able to pay off all of his bills and still have some money left over. He says that “the knowledge he [JR] has can save you so much time…” and gives you all the tools to be successful, from outreach to sales to fulfillment. Additionally, Yash expressed his gratitude for JR’s continued involvement with and commitment to his clients, as he hosts a live chat with them every Tuesday and Thursday to answer any questions they may have.


Serving as yet another example of Rivas’s success, business owners Rick and Jen were able to go from starting their business in April to earning over 10,000 per month. Rick said that they “saw values in the first day of getting in the program that [they] knew would make [their] investment back”. They appreciated that everything in their business is now automated and has a specific purpose. Jen expressed that she has “nothing but good things to say” about JR and his program, and both Rick and Jen echoed Yash’s sentiment of appreciation for JR’s availability to answer questions and his dedication to his clients. This openness and willingness to be of assistance even after fulfilling his agreed upon role demonstrates how JR is truly invested in each of his clients. To him, it is not enough that he and his business are successful, he wants that same success for all of his clients as well. 


Not only have JR Rivas and his team at Instant Leverage managed to build a prosperous business for themselves, but they have also clearly made it a point to uplift others along the way. Johnny Vo, Yash, and Rick & Jen are only three examples of the ability of JR and Instant Leverage to help other business owners. During a time when COVID-19 is upending and complicating the lives of so many individuals and families across the country, they have managed to be a force for good and help people lift themselves up and continue on their way to a promising future.  

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