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Aaron Rian is an American business professional and active investor. In Aarons career he has received top-level recognition for the excellence in his work. In his seven-plus years as a real estate agent, he has been a Top One Percent Metro Realtor and a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Producer.

We sat down with Aaron Rian to ask him questions about what his passions are beside being a successful business professional and investor. When we began he said that the number one thing that is most important to him is impacting others and helping them win as well. More specifically, Aaron enjoys helping other business owners win in the marketplace by giving them the resources and advice that they need to succeed. 

What types of things do you help business owners do to win? 

That’s a great question, usually we start by going in and working on their gross revenue. Especially in a service based business, most of the small business owners get caught up in things that don’t matter. The only thing that should matter for a very long time as a small business owner is new revenue to expand your business and operation. 

How are you able to do this with a business you chose to help? 

Well again when I go into the businesses the first thing is always identifying revenue, and from there we give the businesses advice and resources that they need to help them scale their operation and hit their benchmarks to succeed and hit their goals. Beside my time and advice, I am open to my whole arsenal of resources from staff and even sometimes capital cash infusions. 

Why do you decide to help these businesses? 

Well you know in business it really isn’t all about business. In my career I have gone from zero to hero and back and seen all types of situations from good to bad and ugly. When you’ve seen as much as me, It can be hard to feel that same excitement of building something new. When I work with a business, I am able to relive that and really experience what it feels like again to watch something grow and be a part of it. That is definitely the biggest reason why I do what I do. 

Aaron Rian is a firm believer in helping those around him and wanting to see everyone he works with grow and succeed.  With his extensive knowledge in business he is able to share his thoughts, advice, and ideas with other like minded individuals to propel them to build their business. To learn more about Aaron Rian, or even connect with him follow him on Instagram, click here

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