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We all grab self-help books, scroll through inspirational quotes on Instagram, and try new health fads to change our lives and start living more fully. We tell ourselves that some people just “got lucky,” and others were given more opportunities than we have been provided. We use these mental roadblocks to justify our current situation and avoid what no one wants to come face-to-face with: reflecting on our mindset.

It’s easier to see the glass half-empty than half full. Why? To see the glass half full, we need to shift our mindsets into a place of taking responsibility for the state of our lives and our current opportunities. All of the big-name entrepreneurial successes, from Grant Cardone to Gary Vaynerchuk, state that a victimhood mentality will stop any entrepreneur from reaching their true potential.


From Debtor to Creditor 

Credit King and educator, Colin Yurcisin, is a testament to changing one’s mindset and committing to self-confidence and growth. Finding himself lost, strapped with $40,000 in debt, and recently scammed in a get-rich-quick money trap just years ago, Yurcisin knew he had to change something in his life.


“Clearly, how I was living just wasn’t working out,” said Yurcisin. “Instead of being in denial and kicking the can down the road even further, I stopped, reflected, and decided to make a change. That change, for me, started in education. I began to read as much as I could and enroll in online courses to invest in myself. I decided to ditch the ‘feeling sorry’ mentality for one of personal support. I knew I needed to start believing in myself.”


Yurcisin is the founder of a wildly popular course, Credit Class, that provides students with intimate education surrounding: credit scores, credit cards, how to fix bad credit, and how to set up a future of lucrative opportunity. 


In order to get to this point in his life, Yurcisin said it wasn’t luck or coincidence – it was a pure commitment to a growth mindset. He relinquished his previous life of partying, struggling to fit in, and embarrassment from his facial acne. He once felt sorry for himself and like a future of success just “wasn’t for him.” 


However, this financial entrepreneur had an epiphany one day: he was in control of his life; his life wasn’t in control of him. Knowing that he was in the driver’s seat, he decided to change course and begin living life from a place of confidence. 


Confidence Breeds Success

Yurcisin ditched his old way of thinking for a new mindset rooted in confidence – an unwavering commitment to himself, his success, and his growth. How was he able to make such a transition? Well, the Credit King says it certainly didn’t happen overnight. But, it did happen through the following changes:


  1. Letting Go of Victimhood: Yurcisin stated he once believed his life sucked due to forces outside of his control. He made excuses to justify the life he was living. However, when he realized that he could control his potential, his freedom, and his success, he began to take responsibility for his lifestyle. This responsibility set him free – he was no longer at the mercy of forces outside of his control. 


  1. Committing to a Vision: Having a positive mindset is a start; however, executing on visions is the next step. People are going to try and tear you down and discourage you from completing your vision. Their victimhood and negative mindset won’t be able to bear your positivity. That’s why you need to commit to a single, narrow laser vision on success. How badly do you want your dream? Go after it and believe in yourself with a formidable confidence.


  1. Believe in Yourself: There is only one you on the planet, which means no one else can tell you how to live YOUR life. Yurcisin realized that his dreams, his goals, and his ambitions were unique to him. He didn’t need to look for anyone else’s permission – he already gave it to himself. Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

We all have the ability to change our mindsets. Yurcisin wants his story to be one of motivation for those looking to make a big change. Choose confidence over self-doubt today. Your life will start to instantly change.

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