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Seventeen people out of ten thousand are a part of the homeless population in the United States according to the White House. Therefore, there are over 550 thousand homeless people in the U.S. But is it possible to overcome homelessness?

It is–this is the case of Amber Voight, who was a teenage mom in eighth grade, dropped out of school and grew up with parents who were in and out of jail and constantly on drugs. This path eventually led Amber to be part of the homeless population of the U.S. while having three children depending on her.

“I saw myself falling into my parents’ footprints so I decided to change my life. I started working on my brand, and became the first successful person in my family.” Amber shares.

It was when Amber was at her lowest–homeless with her three kids–that she decided to start her business. Today, she runs three businesses and makes over seven figures per year. She is also a motivational speaker, author and influencer.

“I run a global cosmetic organization that employs 300,000 people who reach about 85 million in sales per year.” Amber says.

In addition to this, Amber also owns a fitness line that makes 50 thousand dollars in sales per month, as well as a gym that is growing enough to eventually become a franchise with multiple divisions. 

“I was motivated to start my business because I wanted more in life, and I wanted my kids to grow up differently than I had.” Amber states.

This thinking led her to combat her own fear–which for her is “false evidence appearing real”, and is actually whatever we tell ourselves. Once Amber was able to get into the right mindset to change her lifestyle, she was able to overcome anything.

“Mindset is everything. I always say when I present at conferences or other events that ‘if you want to grow your income, you must grow your mind!” Amber tells.

With the appropriate mindset, any obstacle can be surpassed. This is why her advice for those trying to start their own business and brand is to fall down seven times but get up eight times. This is the only way that you can be successful.

“Success to me is living the life you desire.” Amber adds. “It has nothing to do with your income, in my opinion.”

Given her mindset of growing her mind to grow her income, Amber continues to grow her own portfolio as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Her next projects include opening a med spa in 2021 and growing into new ventures as long as she can.

Amber just wants to keep going. For her, the biggest obstacle or hardest thing to do when starting a business is to stop talking and start doing it. The most difficult thing she had to do for her business to take off was precisely “just doing it.”

As she continues to focus on her global cosmetic organization, her fitness line and her gym, she is also engaging her audience through social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. This is important to her.

“I love everyone and I love giving back to my supporters.” Amber says. “And I think my competitors do that as well, but I am not trying to compete with them or anyone else, I want us all to win.”

With this mindset and with a purpose, Amber was able to overcome homelessness to live the life of a successful business owner making seven figures a year and being able to provide her family with the support and resources they need.

“The message I want to send is that if I can do this, anyone can.” Amber shares.

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