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Last weekend, famous German actress, model and influencer Victoria Jancke left her home in Berlin to pursue an acting career change in Los Angeles, California. This career move has been a dream of Jancke’s for years, and she couldn’t be more excited about the growth her new Hollywood environment will bring her. 

“One of the things that excites me most about pursuing a career in Hollywood is their constant adaptation to change and new concepts that allot more room for variety, edging away from traditional standards that are not quite as developed in Europe yet. I adore the diversity and general energy of limitless possibilities that you feel in Hollywood,” said Jancke.

In Europe, Victoria has been an icon for women in her many roles as a public figure and philanthropist. Jancke also devotes a substantial amount of time to practicing karate, MMA and boxing, showcasing a somewhat contradictory and tough exterior in an industry that has valued delicate and feminine images for decades. She frequently uses her platforms to show the public eye that women can be many things beyond their beauty; emphasizing strength and resilience above all. 

“I am no stranger to the challenges that have come with being a woman in the industry. I have suffered from abuse, eating disorders and mental health issues throughout my career. I found myself in some very dark places where I questioned if I was even happy, but I was fortunately able overcome these obstacles with the support of my loved ones. After rising from these ashes, I learned to use to the strength I gained to show others that they can rise again too,” said Jancke.

Among her many philanthropic endeavors, Victoria is the Charity Ambassador of The Weisser Ring Organizationan organization that primarily works to help victims of crime such as rape and abuse. 

Victoria’s move to Los Angeles this weekend is just one milestone amid the many dreams she has already accomplished in her life. For Victoria, it was somewhat of a necessity for her to fulfill her optimum acting career without the limitations she has been subjected to in the past. Fortunately for her, Los Angeles is an environment full of people that she has adored and resonated with since she was a young girl.

“I’ve always loved Americans, they are so friendly. I’ve definitely been told I’m not your typical German, something inside me has always felt at home in America. Many of my friends like to joke that I am so talkative and friendly, I might as well be an American. For me, I am simply someone who’s heart will always be in both countries. If someone asks me where I’m from, I like to say I’m a child of the world. I want to spend my life teaching others to see the world this way too,” said Jancke. 

Along with her talents and compelling inspiration, Jancke has traveled across the pond with a camera crew to record her televised journey from Europe to the United States. The show, RTL aktuell, will feature the German icon’s current journey; from goodbyes in Berlin to hellos in Hollywood. It is set to be aired in Germany by the end of this month. 

If you are living in the United States and want to keep up with Victoria’s new adventures in Hollywood, make sure to follow her through her Instagram Platform below, and be sure to keep an eye out for her the next time you look up at the silver screen!

 IG: @victoria.jancke


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