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CJ Hammond is an entrepreneur who has continued to grow his business, transition to the online marketplace, and adapt his business during Covid-19. CJ is the CEO of Fit Legend Inc which is a health and wellness brand and personal training business. Their motto is “Move. Recover. Move Again,” which is exactly what CJ teaches all of his clients and did himself to navigate the pandemic. Fit Legend Inc provides an integrated performance system that enhances the overall productivity and skill level of each athlete optimally, efficiently, and ethically. 


Each athlete that trains with Fit Legend Inc is motivated through educational tools that allow them to understand the operational value of each tactical point. This allows every client to apply their teachings to their specific athletic ability, physical environment, and life’s daily routines. Reducing the risk of injury for all athletes is CJ’s ultimate goal. 


In the modern day world we live in, technology is growing every day and getting more advanced and powerful. One of the biggest lessons every business owner learned during Covid-19 was the importance of your online presence. Through the pandemic, each business owner had to choose to adapt to the online marketplace and transition their business or fail. CJ Hammond is a perfect example of an entrepreneur who did so.  


CJ Hammond already touched on the online marketplace for his business as his company doubles as a fitness expert for various well- known magazine and fitness blogs. Since Covid-19, his personal training business has tripled. CJ programmed his business model around house calls and online training has helped him thrive during the pandemic. Entrepreneurship is an unpredictable journey and bound to come with obstacles and setbacks along the way, but it is how you adapt to those changes that will determine the trajectory of your business. CJ Hammond was quick to adapt to the online marketplace and is continuing to expand his business in the online space by creating his own fitness clothing and athleisure brand. 

CJ Hammond differentiates himself from the competition with his love and passion for coaching. He has been an athlete his whole life since he started playing football at the age of 8 and for 22 years has not stopped working out or being involved in sports. When his playing days were over, he wanted to help individuals become healthy and help athletes achieve their goals. CJ is versatile in his training from sports rehab, performance training, boxing, and strength and conditioning. To learn more about Fit Legend Inc, click here.

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