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Jonathan Seller is an entrepreneur who found success in Digital Marketing and Amazon Automation. Jonathan one day started to see that he had everything in him it took to be effective in the world of sales and marketing. “People want someone who is honest, authentic, and has the skills to communicate the message of their brand to their relevant audience on the platforms that matter most. That’s my passion. That’s what I am good at.” One of the hardest things when trying to start a business is identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and the things you bring to the table. Jonathan identified in himself the ability to be someone that people can depend on and help them through the process of starting their own brand. 


Just this past year Jonathan Seller realized the importance of passive income through e-commerce and that the best form of it is through Amazon. This is why he started his company, Amazon Autopilots. He wanted people to see that having a passive income doesn’t have to take up more of their time. Jonathan documents his journey going from sceptic investor to earning a stable passive income on his website. Jonathan is single, living in Michigan and hopes to continue to grow both his business SecondTri Media and Amazon Auto Pilots. 

When being asked what fear means to him, Jonathan replied with “Fear is the reality that keeps us from what we could have been. Unless you have a game plan for fear, fear will win 100% of the time.” It is also crucial to believe in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish, and that will get you through any other obstacles. On the other hand, when being asked what success means to him, Jonathan replied with “Success is not defined by what we accomplish but by who we become. I define success as being able to take out all my passions, skills and accomplishments like confetti and pouring them out on others.” Jonathan says that one of the greatest joys in his life has been seeing others come alive in their calling. Jonathan has gone through much trials and tribulations to get to the point where he is right now, and he loves to help and advise people based on the lessons he learned himself.  Jonathan made his goals and set his mind to achieving them. To follow along with his journey and future endeavors, click here.

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