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Jose Gordo is a serial entrepreneur who has businesses in various industries such as Investing/ Finance, Real Estate, and High-Performance Education Platforms. He has learned so much throughout each chapter of his life and uses each lesson to move forward. Jose values leadership, the importance of a good attitude, perseverance, and working hard to achieve your goals. He is very thankful for Tony Robbins who is his direct mentor throughout his journey of entrepreneurship. Jose is so grateful for everything Tony has done for him, and loves to help other people in that same way and shares his knowledge, experiences, and stories with others. 


Jose acknowledges the fact that every entrepreneur goes through many obstacles and setbacks throughout their journey, but it is how you approach those obstacles and learn from them that will determine the trajectory of your business. Jose explains the start of his journey as, “Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It is very stressful and practically demands all of your time and attention. On the other hand it is a great experience both personally and professionally.” 


Jose Gordo’s advice for those trying to start their own business is to first discover your strengths and weaknesses. That will help you determine if you have the vital personality characteristics to launch your company in the desired industry. He stresses the importance of doing this before investing time or resources to see if you have the typical skills and strengths of an entrepreneur. The next step after this is to develop a business concept that you are passionate about related to something you have experience with. Jose emphasizes the fact that you need to think of a product or service that will improve people’s lives to create demand. 


The next step on the journey to entrepreneurship as described by Jose Gordo is to test your credibility. Once you have an idea, figure out how to turn the dream into a reality. Is there demand for the product? Can we make a profit selling it?  After you answer these questions along with many others, write a business plan to guide you forward to present to potential investors. A plan designed for success includes a mission, executive summary, samples of the service or product, description of the target marketing, financial projections, and the cost of operations.

Jose went through all of these steps himself and because they are so thorough and set up for success, there is no limit for the growth of the business. Finally, identify your market. Even if you have detected an interest in your business, there is still more work to do. Evaluate the market so that you sell to the people who will be interested in your product. Jose Gordo has built quite an empire for himself and he knows the importance of giving back. He loves to help aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners however he can, and with advice like this. Jose also wrote a book called “The 12 Gifts of Dad” where he shares 12 lessons of success and in the family. To learn more about Jose Gordo and his business, click here.

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