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Pauly Long is the founder of MineSet, which is a mindset and life coaching business. There are a lot of things that come along with being a business owner and the most important thing is to believe in yourself when no one else does. One of the biggest obstacles he had to overcome through starting his own business was lack of support. When you first start out, it takes a long time to build up credibility. Most people want to follow whatever is already known and trusted. Pauly says it is crucial to be patient in the beginning to allow everyone to see that you are here to stay and don’t plan on stopping. Pauly says “The more consistent you get, the more people start to believe in you and support what you do. Stay true to yourself and stick to your daily affirmations. Manifest your thoughts into realities.”

MineSet started out as an online video program with 7 topics for people to watch just to help them think differently. Shortly after it began, Pauly knew it was something way bigger. He has always been a natural born leader and loved dedicating his life to helping others. “MineSet is my heart and soul, and I will never stop building it until it is the greatest movement ever known when it comes to mindset and motivation.”

Pauly Long differentiates himself with competition by connecting with as many people as he can on a personal level. He makes it his goal to respond to everyone he can in his messages on social media, and always connects with people who ask for help. “Here at MineSet, we strive to stand out as the most caring organization in the world when it comes to life coaching and helping others. I want ‘Pauly Long’ to be a name that people associate with good, friendly, caring, helping, and genuine.” Pauly stays very involved with his clients, and maintains a relationship with them on a weekly basis.

As for what projects are next for Pauly Long, he has already started the process of building out the next upcoming program called the MineSet Shift. This will be an entrepreneurial based program that will teach each client how to shift their life from the 9-5 rat race into the financially free entrepreneurial world. MineSet is also launching its first-ever apparel and accessory line very soon, which will include T-shirts, hoodies, hats, wristbands, and notebook/planners all with the custom logo. Pauly has made it clear that he is always hiring as well, so whoever is reading this and is interested in an opportunity with the company, send him an email to [email protected] to let him know you’re interested! 

Other than that, as soon as travel is back to normal, the next major program will be released. No details can be given yet, however it will be called MineSet Rebirth. To follow along with Pauly Long’s journey, click here.

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