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Most businesses owners when asked what they would like to have more of would say: “Customers”. Most website owners would answer: “Organic visitors.” 

It makes sense. If you manage to drive high volumes of qualified visitors to your website, the conversions and sales will inevitably increase and your business will grow. However, it is not easy to grow your website, and it is definitely not easy to get those millions of visitors each month.

Startup-founder and former SEO specialist Nick Jordan break down his top tips for new website owners on how to get from zero to that first million visitors, all from Google search!

Publish a lot of content

The first, and the most obvious tip is to publish a lot of content. Nowadays, anyone can create a website with thirty blog posts and go on their merry way hoping that it will be enough to gather hundreds of thousands, if not millions of organic visitors.

Unfortunately, this is not true. Since anyone can create thirty pages of content, Google is not considering these websites to be authoritative resources anymore. If you want your website to be the go-to place for people searching for information in your niche, you need to publish much more.

Start slow, and make sure to consistently ramp up content production. And how do you know how many pages you need to publish? That’s easy. Check what your competitors are doing and then do more!

Publish quality content

It doesn’t matter if you publish a thousand pages on your website if those pages provide no value to the reader. You can spend all the money in the world on content, but if it’s not actionable, interesting, or fun for your readers, they will definitely not come back to your website ever again and you will lose rankings. 

But how do you publish interesting and valuable content? You document everything. You need to have clear guidelines on grammar, tone, voice, vocabulary, writing style, editing method, visuals, and even uploading so that you can be sure that your team can execute and create the best possible outcome.

Consider investing a bit more time up-front to document your requirements, and always inform your writers and editors on all the necessary guidelines you need them to follow to create great content.

Hire great writers

Of course, all of this means nothing if you don’t have people who can produce high-quality content. Hiring is an integral part of content creation and a core skill you need to learn in order to drive tons of qualified visitors to your website.

Diversify your hiring channels. Don’t just focus on writer marketplaces, because the chances are that all the good writers are already hired and have jobs. You need to be everywhere and work hard to find your perfect writer and editor.

Consider investing in specialized tools that can help you with this. One of them is Workello, the only tool made specifically for remote teams. Workello helps you hire, onboard, and retain highly engaged content teams, and helps you streamline your hiring process into one single funnel.

Publish faster

Finally, you can take your sweet time and go slow with content production, but the best advice you’ll ever receive is to publish fast. Don’t wait around until your competitors have 600 pages and you’re on page six. 

Document your entire process so that you can upload an article while the editors are working on the next ten, and the writers are writing the remaining fifty. The sooner you get the content out the door, the sooner you can start ranking and collecting organic visitors. And the sooner the readers come, the sooner you will sell your product and grow your business.

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