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Ian Northmark is an entrepreneur who has defied all odds to pursue his career and start on his path of entrepreneurship. Ian is the founder of Northmark Wealth which is an asset management, investment consulting, and financial advising business. Growing up, Ian and his family moved around a lot. His mom was and still is a public school music teacher and his dad retired early due to his disabilities after owning his own import/export business. Since he didn’t have enough money to go to college at the time and his parents were not in a good financial situation to help him, Ian decided to join the military to help pay for college and gain experience to put himself on the path to success. 


Ian Northmark decided to start his own business in February 2019 because he wanted to focus on working with people that he wanted to. Prior to his business for the first 9 years of his career, he worked for a global fortune 100 company. It was in this corporate environment that he learned the fundamentals of wealth management and made him feel prepared enough to start his own firm. In the finance industry, people focus on working with high net worth individuals and wealthy clients. Instead of worrying about how much money he would make, he wanted to work and focus on educating the millennial generation. 


When a company works with wealthier clients and bigger account values, they make more money and the company makes more money. He didn’t want to focus on that. He wanted to focus on working with the millennials and the next generation. Although he may not make the most money now, with time, he feels that millennials will become the wealthiest generation of all time and money will come eventually. One of the biggest obstacles Ian Northmark has overcome so far has been starting his own wealth management firm and surviving the Iraq War. He acknowledges that starting any business is difficult but in wealth management, the start up phase is even more difficult because you don’t have a big brand or company to back you up.

Ian Northmark prides himself on his reputation and quality of work which has led him to success. Even though Northmark Wealth is not the biggest company, each client that chooses their company is because of their integrity, quality of work, and client retention. Ian Northmark is a combat veteran and served as active duty in the US Air Force. He explains that he is blessed to be alive. Overcoming the environment and obstacles that came with it has strengthened his mindset even more and he truly believes that you can achieve anything in life if you really want it. To learn more about Ian Northmark and his business, click here.

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