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Michael Dennis Murphy, an entrepreneur and the CEO of Murphy Auto Group,

has gone through many challenges, obstacles, and hardships to get to the point where he is today. What differentiates Michael from the competition is that he found something he was passionate about, learned everything he could about the industry, and never settled for anything less than providing exceptional service to his customers. One of Michael’s biggest successes has been maturing and learning everything he could about the industry at such a young age. 


Michael found motivation to get started with his business because of his amazing relationship with his father that inspired him to get into the automotive industry. Michael Dennis Murphy always had a passion for helping others and spending time with his father. He found motivation to start his other companies from the desire to continuously grow, generate more wealth, and give opportunities to others. Michael describes the most rewarding part of his job as giving employees the ability to meet and exceed their own professional and personal expectations. 


For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the hardest part is leaving the comforts of a 9-5 job and a W-2 to jump into the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship. That is true if you do not have the correct mindset. However, with an unbreakable mindset and the drive to reach your goals despite any obstacles, success will come. When asked the importance of mindset when starting a business Michael Dennis Murphy replied with “Mindset is everything. You have to have clarity in your mindset. Be stubborn when necessary but always be seeking to improve yourself through coaches and mentors.” 


One of the biggest obstacles Michael Murphy has overcome so far has been his young age in the industry, building credibility and respect, and managing people twice his age. Michael differentiates himself from competition with his advertising, use of Instagram, compensation plans, policies and procedures. Michael works closely to do hands on training with his middle and upper managers personally to make sure Murphy Auto Group provides outstanding service every time.  

Michael Murphy was inspired to get into his niche because of his desire to be the best leader and entrepreneur possible. As for what projects are next for Michael, he is starting two more companies in 2020. One is an advertising agency specializing in automotive retail and the second is a merchant account services and credit card processing company. To learn more information and follow along with Michael Dennis Murphy’s journey, click here.

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