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During Mohammed Shakaoat’s high school career, he constructed an entrepreneurial skill set through selling iPods, designer shoes, and video game consoles. At present, Mohammed has managed numerous businesses including his most famous, Project Wifi. This Bangladeshi entrepreneur holds an ever growing drive to conquer the business world in dedication to help people around the world. 


At age twelve, Mohammed immigrated to the United States where he later attended Florida International University pursuing a degree in criminal justice. Later beginning a career path within law enforcement, he realized that it was not the career path that best fit the dreams he had envisioned. Mohammed decided to pave the path through the entrepreneurial field to find the financial and personal freedom that was lacking within a 9-5 cycle. 


Developing numerous businesses to add to Mohammed’s portfolio required a clear investment of time, patience, and diligence which he had learned to embrace from a young age. Learning multiple languages growing up including Bengali, Arabic, and English brought about a drive to embrace his cultural diversity. Immigrating to the United States was certainly difficult, yet Mohammed transformed the discomfort to understand and adjust to the new lifestyle. From selling candy bars in school to running multiple organizations, Mohammed Shakaoat has 

managed to become a self-made millionaire at age 28.


Previous to the success of Project Wifi, Mohammed ventured into the ATM business where he managed to generate high profits within the state of Florida. Owning 45 ATM machines across the state, Mohammed has gained wealth from the added service charges that are applied to each individual’s transaction while using the system. The success of the ATM business enabled him the opportunity to instruct others on the high demand for ATMs, where ATM Academy was created. More than 400 people across the world learned the ins and outs about the industry through his teachings. Each individual took away thorough lessons on how to broaden their business experience within the ATM industry. 


Thus far in his career, Mohammed has managed to build a seven figure business within seven months amidst a pandemic. Not only does he attribute his developed skill set to maintaining a strong and diligent mindset, but most importantly the errors and lessons he has learned over the course of his career.

In terms of future plans, Mohammed plans to continue the expansion of his various businesses along with helping the up-and-coming entrepreneurs seeking a business venture among the E-Commerce industry. To follow Mohammed’s business and future endeavors, click here.

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