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For Moses Mandelbaum, the ideal parka that combines beauty and warmth did not happen overnight. It took trial and error over 2 years and numerous prototypes to discover the perfect ingredients for a parka fashionable yet durable enough to resist the winter elements. The ultimate True Outliers product is a luxurious mink fur lined parka with a Teflon-treated cotton shell. 


For Moses and True Outliers it all comes down to sustainability. The company website makes mention of the company goal to be completely sustainable by 2022. They are already of the most sustainable parka companies on the market as they are made of pure cotton, as opposed to most other parkas which are made of man-made products. In addition to the exterior, their interior is made of real mink fur.

On the True Outliers blog, Moses Mandelbaum provides a detailed description for why real fur is the best option for a warm parka lining. Faux fur is made of non-renewable materials such as acrylic and polyester. These plastics impact wildlife and the environment and have a very long shelf life and will remain on the planet for hundreds of years without decomposing. Real fur, on the other hand, is more sustainable in that it will eventually biodegrade over time. The cotton exterior shell is also biodegradable. A key focus of True Outliers is to become fully sustainable by the year 2022.


There are many options for real fur including rabbit and fox fur, however those furs tend to shed a lot and will get on clothes. Ultimately the optimal option is mink due its lightweight material with the ability to provide substantial warmth and luxury without shedding. If faced with the objection that mink fur is not good for the environment, Moses can point out that genuine fur will last for years and the quality is much better than many of the synthetic materials found in faux furs. 


The True Outliers initial parka design is ¾ length with a detachable mink fur lining and includes secret pockets strategically placed that can hold items including the largest smartphone. Another key feature is the vents located in the armpits that allow the owner to control how much or how little air circulates. As an additional measure against winter winds, the hood includes a removable fox fur liner for maximum warmth. The parkas are available in black, navy and green and can be customized with a silver monogram. This year True Outliers is expanding the customization to offer the option of any painting on the parka. Since the Outliers coats are designed with longevity in mind, the company offers a full warranty against any defects when the parka is received.


Moses Mandelbaum began his business based on the characteristics of a True Outlier including: being true to yourself, being proud of who you are, not caring about the opinions of others, and being genuine. As he continues to grow his tribe and business, he is constantly exploring options to include that are in line with the brand values. With his first goal being sustainability, be sure to follow True Outliers as they are just getting started.

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