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This is not the title of some spiritual path that will lead to your miraculous redemption. This is, however, the crux of a life-changing book that talks of bitter struggle, and hard-earned achievements to drastically turn how you perceive yourself and the world. 

Samantina Zenon is known as an actress, an author, an entrepreneur, and a public speaker today. However, such titles fail to encompass the bitter struggles that life put her through, before she earned herself the place she has in society.

Born in Haiti, Samantina found herself wedged irremovable in a violent household where she was subjected to domestic mistreatment and constant demoralization. Her natural instincts were suppressed, and negative parenting inflicted some lasting scars on her spirit.

However, when she moved to the United States, she knew it was time to turn it all around. She hustled, studied hard, worked tirelessly and became a fiercely independent woman. But life threw another hurdle along when she was fired from the job, she valued more than herself. This was the final straw, and Samantina decided that it was time to channel the warrior lying dormant within her.

Once the dam broke, Samantina was undefeated. She turned to art, theatre, and self-expression to redefine every shortcoming in her life. Once she unleashed her creative powers, there was no turning back, and she began to garner one achievement after another that life and time allowed.

It was amidst this period of struggle and growth, that her self-help book Joy – The Five Lights – That Clarify Your Best Self through the Pain- came out into the world. For anyone struggling with self-doubt and being held back by insecurities – this book can be a game-changer.

She likes to remind her audience- “You are the foundation of it all! It all starts with you!” And honestly, we couldn’t find better advice for people struggling in life. Samantina Zenon continues to share such encouraging, and healing thoughts on her various social media channels where her followers diligently look up to her for guidance and support. She is a mental health advocate and often gives public talks on matters related to self-development.

Ms. Samantina Zenon has come far through her will and brave spirit and we only pray that this valiant soul continues to grow and achieve all targets she has set for her future as well.

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