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Helping people has always been a built-in trait of Chad Ehlers so he chose to be a nurse at an early age. If he knew that he would have grown into being a social media influencer, he might have started even earlier! However, this transformation came as a result of many life challenges he encountered.

Even though he didn’t realize it when he was young, his passion was to spread joy. When he was still a young boy, people could see happiness written all over his face. In fact, one fantastic thing about Chad’s happiness is his ability to transfer his cheerfulness to others.

Today, Chad Ehlers, known online as da_chad, can boast of being a successful entrepreneur, given the impact The Chad Change movement he started has touched so many lives. The question is, was it an overnight success? The answer is no.

Different life forces shaped his decision to start this movement to save people’s lives from suicide. The inspiration for the Chad Change Movement came from the fact that his wife took her own life due to depression and suicidal thoughts. His wife’s painful decision was too much for him to bear but he couldn’t turn back the hand of time to keep her alive. Instead, he decided to help and inspire life in others.

The Chad Change Movement wasn’t started easily or overnight. Chad was homeless at the age of 17. Later on, he faced being a single father taking care of his 3-month-old daughter. What some would see as a bad hand at life, Chad would use as adversity to fuel his drive & determination. Despite his youngest daughter being diagnosed with leukemia just last year, Chad continues impacting others’ lives through the Chad Change Movement.

According to him, success is indeterminable if there are no highlights of failure while climbing the ladder of success. He believes success and failure move simultaneously. You can only measure success adequately by considering the stumbling blocks and setbacks encountered while pursuing your dreams.

It has become more challenging to run the movement and take care of his youngest daughter simultaneously. His resilience and determination were enough to keep him going. You can read the happiness on his face when people come to say his movement was a significant turnaround in their lives. You won’t be able to quantify the overwhelming happiness and gratitude he feels.


Through his movement, Chad teaches dance in online Zoom Meetings, which is a strategy to stay connected to his audience personally. Through dance training, he creates a fun atmosphere where people laugh away their worries.

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