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Trey Ketcham is an entrepreneur who started Peak Performance Development, which is a sales and marketing company. Peak Performance Development is a dedicated affiliate of CUTCO, the world’s finest cutlery. CUTCO’s products are American made and forever guaranteed. Peak Performance’s representatives are a varied and fun-loving group of talented individuals who embody excellence and share a passion for personal and professional development. Their team has offices throughout Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. 


Trey Ketcham describes one of the biggest challenges when starting a business as overcoming the doubters and learning how to self-manage your time as well as all other aspects of your life. Many entrepreneurs do not always receive the overwhelming amount of support that they were hoping for which makes your mindset and determination for the business that much more important. 


When being asked how important mindset is when starting your own business Trey Ketcham replied with, “Critical! Your mindset is both your greatest asset and biggest liability. You have to tend it daily just like you would a garden. Planting seeds of growth and yanking weeds of negativity and doubt to keep pushing forward towards your goals.” The mindset that Trey has is rock solid along with the ability to turn all the negatives in his life into positives. 


With hard work and drive, Trey has been able to make progress every day towards his goals. Some of his biggest accomplishments to date are being one of the youngest promoted Division Managers in company history, along with becoming a Hall of Fame achiever with the company only 7 years after opening his office. Many assume Trey is an overnight success, however his journey did not come without obstacles and it is how he approached each roadblock that led him to success. 

Success to Trey Ketcham means being the best version of himself in all critical areas of his life along with being a great husband, father, leader and friend. As for what is next for Trey, he is working on building a dynasty, looking to promote 5 division managers within Peak Performance Development, and creating an investment empire to take care of his family for the next several generations. Trey has the incredible ability to see gaps in industries, build his knowledge, and be able to capitalize on that. To follow along with Trey Ketcham’s journey and future endeavors, click here.

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