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Entrepreneurs sometimes wonder what the best web design is for their business. There are a number of things to consider when it comes to developing and designing a site, but knowing your audience is key. Entrepreneurs should strive to create an experience that their users will want to return to time and again, and they should make finding information a breeze. We have put together a number of tips from a leading creative brand design agency for entrepreneurs to keep in mind.

Aesthetic Appeal

Entrepreneurs may have their own opinion on what looks the best, but they can’t go wrong with having a site that is easy on the eyes and has an attractive colour scheme. If the aesthetic appeal is not there, many users will not hang around long enough to explore.

In creating an aesthetically appealing site, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of using too many graphics and colours that can be distracting. Simplicity is good for more than just aesthetics – it also helps with navigation because users aren’t overloaded with information on the screen. Entrepreneurs should strive to keep things clean and simple.

Intuitive Design

The design should also be intuitive to use, “Design with complex UI and poor UX is a recipe for disaster, not every individual is a designer but every individual has an opinion about the design, usability and navigation” Creative Brand Design explains.

Entrepreneurs should never force people to have to search for what they want or take multiple steps just to get where they need to go. The best sites are truly a clear path that directionally leads users through each step of their visit.

Relevant Content and Functionality

Content is king, and entrepreneurs shouldn’t forget that. If there’s too much content or too many images on the site, some users will not be interested in scrolling through everything. Content should be relevant to the reader. People will leave a site if it isn’t relevant or helpful which can turn into a loss for your business.

Site content, simplicity, navigation and function should all be taken into consideration when designing a site. It is essential for entrepreneurs to look for a web design agency that focuses on the client’s objectives and give your brand exactly what it needs or even more than that. 

Knowing Your Websites Goals

It might be tempting to skip straight to the fun parts like designing out your homepage, but before you begin laying out dozens of designs and building interactive features into your websites, you should first work on the foundation of your website and part of it is to decide your goals.

To determine your website goals, first, gain a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve with your site. Goals vary depending on the industry, products or services you offer, and where your site currently stands.

Key goals for your site will likely be to gain authority and recognition, enhancing your brand image, streamlining processes and increasing your bottom line. Your website’s design can then help you implement these goals.

User-Friendly Design

To gain new readers and subscribers, make the site responsive, load fast (under 3 seconds), have a clear format with headings for ease of scanning, and reduce any unnecessary content. You could even further improve user happiness by eliminating third-party advertisements that could be distracting.

Website Accessibility

People with disabilities and those who are farsighted can access websites more easily if they are user-friendly. To improve accessibility, make a site easy to navigate using accessible links like “read more”, add alt tags for images, and use subtitles in videos. Ensure fonts have adequate sizes and good colour contrast.

Social Mentions

Make your content easy to share with simple social sharing buttons. For example, add a “click to tweet” link for text quotes and have social sharing buttons for blog posts. Social postings can be a great way to build brand awareness for your company; when people share them, they are marketing on your behalf.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is key for your site once you’ve designed it. To get more traffic on your website, you should use keywords throughout the page, not just in headings and strings of code. You should also write effective meta descriptions, regularly post content updates or blog posts, build high-quality backlinks, and advertise through social media (either organically or with paid ads).

Setting goals is the first step in achieving online success. Entrepreneurs should keep these tips and objectives in mind when designing their websites. Aiming for these things and implementing them will help you achieve your business goals with your website.

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