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Through each adversity Stephen Scoggins has faced, he managed to focus on his goals, dreams, and aspirations in search for a better future for himself. Without the guidance of his mentor, Stephen believes he would not have reached the accomplishments acquired throughout his journey throughout his career. Stephen Scoggins, founder of The Journey Principles Institute is most famously known to be a best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur of multiple businesses with multi-8-figure revenues, a motivational speaker, and the creator of the proprietary Life-Mastery Framework affectionately named, “Transform U.”


From being homeless and sleeping in a friend’s car to growing into a multimillion dollar business owner, Stephen Scoggins serves as a voice to those who faced hardships when pursuing their dreams. The driving force behind his pathway to success was his struggle with homelessness and his two choices being death or surrendering and never looking back. Stephen chose the latter, sought a mentor, and transformed each aspect among his life. 


The different obstacles he came to face when beginning his business venture included learning to leverage resourcefulness over resources, overcoming self limiting beliefs, and discovering the personal gifts in the service of others. He believes most people venture into a business they were not created for or passionate about because they know the tactical side of things leading them to quit just before they reach their breakthrough.


Stephen Scoggins believes that one who is not making progress within their lives or is struggling while trying to end up just spinning their wheels. Whether they are stuck in the same job and are unable to pick their business off the ground, Stephen provides the framework in guiding others to grow their business to full and overall success. “They are out there in the world floating on a boat and I am the rudder to give them direction. I will not only help you to focus on your purpose, but further take a step into teaching you how, walking with you through every step serving as your guide.” Stephen thoroughly believes in unleashing the full potential within people to live a meaningful life working with their passions. 


Stephen prides himself on the ability to help find one’s identity and driving motivation to gain clarity on uplifting their future business. He poses the questions of, “Who am I? Why am I here? and What do I do about it?” This framework allows individuals to self reflect on their sole purpose while striving to retain the knowledge on how to grow an empire of their own. 

In terms of future plans, Stephen Scoggins plans to continue the expansion of his businesses and further developing his most famous Transform U live, a four day live event that inspires others to bring about a plan of action. To follow Stephen Scoggins’ businesses and future ventures, click here.

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