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As a mixologist with years of experience, Luca Missaglia is among the best coaches in the world when it comes to bartending and the art of mixing drinks. He’s transferred his world renowned experience behind the bar to a free global webinar program, and helps hundreds of people at a time improve at the craft. The platform also features some of the best and most influential personalities in the industry, and they team up with Luca to deliver some of the most valuable, informative content on the planet when it comes to mixology.

Luca understands the importance of having mentors and learning from experts, as there was a time when he had to learn all by himself. After leaving his hometown in Italy on a one way trip to London, he had to figure out how to mix drinks at his first bartending job all by himself. He was incredibly committed to learning the craft, and before long was regarded as one of the top mixologists in the city.

From there, after performing well at several major mixology competitions, Luca rose to one of the most recognisable and accomplished names in the entire industry. He began managing bars and nightclubs worldwide from London to Hong Kong, and he’s committed to making bartenders thrive and nightclubs perform at their highest levels. His love for the industry has made his travel schedule nothing short of hectic, but he would not trade his day to day life for anything. 

On top of facilitating his weekly webinars, he frequently interacts with his global social network to communicate and connect with his audience and entertain them while also bringing world class value. His network of several influential and respectful personalities in the hospitality business has allowed him to deliver powerful, informative collaborations to his audience, and you would be hard pressed to find a hospitality influencer that delivers more value and cares more about his audience than Luca does. 

Coming from a hard working family, Luca has always understood the importance of hard work and determination. After starting his career in hospitality as an entry level valet parking cars, he has always followed in the footsteps of others that were in a position that he aspired to be in. Now that he’s in that position, he devotes a large portion of his time to giving back to the next generation of hospitality workers. Based on how much success he’s had and how much knowledge he has in the industry, following his advice will likely put you in a great position to succeed in the industry. 

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