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Behind every successful business is a passionate, raving fan base who will gladly pay cold hard cash to buy your product or service. 


Because at the end of the day, the most important thing that drives business is cash flow. 


But how does a business build such a following?


What are the exact steps someone might need to take in order to attract raving fans?


And better yet, how do you keep a passionate fan base satisfied so that they want to do business with you for life?


All of this and more can be distilled down to a few key principles; if you follow them they can take your business from mediocrity to raving almost overnight. 


Let’s get started. 


Principle #1 – State Your Values In Your Marketing


One of the best ways to build passion in a group of people is to polarize people. On one side, you’ll have people who don’t want to hear your message. On the other side, people who will walk through fire to hear what you have to say. 


The only problem with polarizing people is that “trying” to polarize just annoys everyone. It’s easy to see when people are doing whatever it takes to provoke other people. And this will actually repel almost everyone. 


So rather than “try” to polarize, all you do is simply state your values in your marketing. Essentially, don’t hold back on who you are!


What will happen is you will attract people who align with your values and repel anyone who doesn’t. And when you connect with someone’s values, you instantly build a bond that feels like they’ve known you for years. 


Principle #2 – Create Amazing Products With World-Class Customer Service


A lot of businesses focus mostly on getting people to hand them money. Then once the exchange happens, the customer is given a lackluster product and not treated like they’re important. 


See, when we sell something to someone, we need to connect with them and understand their problems and genuinely offer a real solution. So when you deliver that solution, you need to make sure it lives up to your promises, their expectations, and have customer service there and ready in case anything goes wrong. 


If you don’t do this, then you kiss that customer goodbye. And you’ll be back searching for a new buyer. But if you deliver on your product and service, you’ve just solidified your relationship, shown that you take care of anyone who buys from you, and set the stage for a raving fan for life. 


Principle #3 – Astonish Your Customers


People naturally have a negative mindset towards businesses. They think businesses are out to take their money and want nothing to do with them as humans. 


So what if you sent your customers free gifts? 


Or what if you sent them personal letters in the mail?


What if you went above and beyond, and threw in an extra bonus item worth more than the product they paid for?


These are just suggestions but you get the point. 99% of businesses will NOT go above and beyond for their customers. So when someone finds a business who does these things, they’ll not only become a raving fan for life but they’ll also refer you to their friends, family, and colleagues which brings you free business.


It’s important you use all three of these principles in your business to maximize your customer’s experience with you. 


If you can repeatedly use these every single day, then you’ll soon build a passionate, raving fan base of loyal customers in no time.


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