Connor Paddon is an entrepreneur (and licensed pilot!) based out of Toronto, ON. He is the founder of the companies OnSched and

The visionary of Toronto-based software company, is Connor Paddon as he and his team are helping impact the lives of millions of Canadians by being the backbone infrastructure of scheduling for things like COVID vaccines, flu shots,in store retail appointments and other niches.

Specifically in the software space, much of Connor’s work pays attention to the marketing and demand gen side of building a business, creating a brand centrally around a service or product that he knows will appeal to a wide audience.

Like many of the typical entrepreneur stories, Connor shared with me his trial and error on dozens of small businesses that never panned out.. A few however, did. When Connor turned 22 he sold his small but successful agency to a bigger New York based agency, then moving onto double down on his next startup

These days, Connor is still involved in OnSched but also working on projects like, and the AllsWell Project Corp. 

OnSched is a scheduling software called an API, in laymans terms, infrastructure technology that you would never hear about because it is completely white labeled by brands who make it look like their own. Brands like Shoppers Drug Mart, Well Pharmacies and Lush Cosmetics use OnSched to power their scheduling today.

Connor shares with me that his next project as he eventually transitions out of OnSched will be building a central brand in the Tattoo space that he hopes will bring together the artist community. 

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