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Bob Mangat is a serial entrepreneur, one that has coveted this title and proved repeatedly to achieve unprecedented successes through envisioning ideas, goal setting, and a mindset focussed on success. 

“There is always an option if you truly look at what you want to do and where you want to go,” says Bob. 

Starting From Scratch

With invigoMEDIA group, for example, Bob started the business from the ground up, with no credit, no loans, no funding. He worked consistently to provide marketing and growth solutions with a few clinics. He grew to manage multi-million-dollar marketing campaigns. Within five short years, he was able to exit to a public company (which, if you ask most agencies is within only 1% of what small to medium-sized agencies ever get to realize). 

Even amongst a pandemic, Bob was able to navigate through and not waiver on his business goals. 

Success Continued

As a true visionary, Bob knew that the next step for him was in acquiring a portfolio of companies, specifically in E-Commerce and technological companies. 

“It was time for me to start to acquire and build up our own portfolio of companies,” says Bob. “Having built several companies from the ground up, I feel that now is the best time ever to capitalize on the growing trend of home shopping.” 

Enter Bob’s newest company 1440 Ventures

With 1440 Ventures, Bob is acquiring and growing brands and companies in  E-Commerce, real estate, and technology.

Growing and Growing

1440 Ventures launched in January of this year, 2021. Already they have acquired five brands/companies; one of the most exciting and latest of them being CartClicks

CartClicks is an agency that scales e-commerce brands using their proprietary system of managing ads for online retail companies. They have seen their clients achieve 3 to 5 times their ROI and earn revenues beyond 6 figures within 30 days. 

Along with company and business development, Bob Mangat has also been investing and building real estate companies.. As a result, he’s helped people invest in over $50 million worth of real estate, and secured over $200,000 in monthly positive cash flow. He’s developed and revitalized properties all across North America and is now focusing his efforts on new developments. The latest of which is a boutique collection of modern townhomes in Glenmore of Kelowna, BC. 

Leading The Way

At the end of the day, Bob’s portfolio is proof that he knows how to build brand authority towards profitability beyond one’s wildest dreams. His proven success with tactical growth processes speaks for itself. 

He isn’t quiet about sharing his success stories and showing others how to follow in his footsteps. In fact, he shares examples and hosts lives often to inspire others on his Instagram page. 

Many of today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs can see success by following Bob Mangat’s ideology and drive. With his ventures, past and present, Bob Mangat is laying out the path. 

Follow BobMangat.com and 1440.biz for more inspiration. 

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