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Many people draw inspiration by viewing other people’s success from afar, but Ada Hu and her co-founder Eva Jiang do it differently. The young business executives focus on their goal to empower other women while creating a positive community.

Throughout her career, Ada has always wanted to assist as many young women as possible. Several of her experiences can improve women entrepreneurs’ growth in different aspects. “One of the biggest ideals I hold close to me is women helping other women,” she says. Her goals remain to be focused on helping other people and giving back to society. She also wishes to help with the growth of as many businesses as possible by sharing her skills in marketing.

NU Media is a huge cornerstone in achieving both their goals to lift people. With their company, they can empower and inspire their team. Through their efforts, they provide more opportunities for their clients to reach more people and earn more. Especially in these trying times, digital marketing is a huge factor for businesses to make sales.

NU Media’s team, which they describe as young, collaborative, and transparent, can attest to the positive community they’ve built. They get their inspiration from this group, which collaborates with one another in providing digital marketing services for several clients. Excited and joyful is what Eva says she carries when going to work. She knows that these traits influence their team and contribute to their growth.

There are two factors that Ada attributes to NU Media’s constructive culture: trust and synergy. She emphasized the value of collaboration and relying on each other as the defining elements of a team. It helps that Ada believes that positivity and empowerment need to work together to create good results. She measures her success by seeing positive effects on her company and community. 

I believe that positivity and empowerment are two elements that are needed in order to create great results.

Ada Hu

Currently, there are four departments in NU Media – Marketing, PR, Digital Design, and Website Development. Teamwork is highlighted as the element that makes their company prosper. NU Media includes departmental growth in their vision but, more importantly, their employees’ individual development. Each team member is valued for their independent contributions to the greatness of NU Media.

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