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Marshall Sandman has simple advice to anyone getting started on their entrepreneurial journey: Just get started. There is no substitute for hard work and relentless optimism, and only through a strong work ethic and positive mindset will you be able to break through and find success. 

Marshall has a tremendous background, but started his entrepreneurial journey with nothing. After graduating from Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, Marshall spent time working as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and at JEGI, and served as a Director of Strategy for WarnerMedia. He shaped WarnerMedia’s sports betting and podcasting strategy, and delivered key market insights to the company’s executives. But even with all of the success he was having, Marshall still had a strong desire to pursue his passions and go all in on entrepreneurship. 

Once Marshall began to see several of his coworkers get laid off from their positions, he knew it was time to take action on his passions. He left his role at WarnerMedia, and devoted his full attention to launching a podcast show on Instagram Live. He chose IG Live as a platform because he’s a firm believer that platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok are the future of advertising and consumer attention. The show, What to Do with Marshall, features Marshall speaking with a number of influencers, celebrities and actors to raise money for a local non-profit, Harlem Grown. 

The show has helped Marshall grow as a person and a professional, and has allowed him to do a whole lot of good in his local community. The show has raised around $50,000 through sponsors, and all of the proceeds go towards providing at risk youth free meals and a stable place to attend after school. The show is completely non profit for Marshall, and he already has plans in motion for a second season in early 2021. 

With all of the success Marshall has had with his show, it’s important to note that he started from scratch. Even though he had tremendous success in corporate America, he had to work his way up to build a social media following and expand his brand. He spent hours reaching out to various celebrities and influencers, and the lineup he’s had on his show is a testament to how much hard work can pay off. 

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