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Nothing is created overnight. Behind anything successful is hours upon hours of hard work and effort, and nothing is different for Italian travel couple Domi and Frida. On the surface, they are a wanderlust couple that is deeply in love and travels the world for a living. While this is true, what no one sees are the hours of work they put in studying content ideas, improving their photography and videography, and figuring out how to monetize their content and experiences.

The couple met in high school, and have traveled together frequently ever since. Even while working full time, they both found ways to escape together and discover a new culture and explore new land. To keep their family and friends in the loop, they decided to start an Instagram page to upload the endless amounts of content they had from each trip they took. Their family and friends enjoyed it, but soon so did people by the masses. Before long, the account grew to over 6 figures in followers and Domi and Frida knew they were onto something amazing. 

They’d always traveled out of a passion for it, but they soon realized how easily they’d be able to monetize their content and brand now that their page had amassed 500,000 followers with amazing engagement. They had no clue how to actually go about monetizing their passion, but they got involved with brands and resorts regardless. The first few business relationships they had were challenging, but once they received positive feedback from their collaborations they felt extremely fulfilled and now had experience under their belts. 

Domi and Frida have since been able to live comfortably traveling and documenting their experiences full time, and haven’t lost an ounce of the passion they had for it as high school sweethearts. They still use each new trip as a unique experience to share with each other, and are as eager as ever to learn more about new cultures and make new memories.

Even with all of the success they now experience, there once was a time where they made no money traveling, had no idea how to make money off of it, and were still learning how to make beautiful content. Through hard work, dedication, and an unwavering passion for what they were doing, Domi and Frida were able to gather a huge audience on social media, create beautiful content, monetize it, and become extremely close as a couple as a result. 

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