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Dmitry Dubrov was born in Novosibirsk, Siberia and since he was young, he has had a love for photography.

In college, Dmitry started a rock band and he realized that he needed pictures of his band.

Frustrated that he couldn’t find anyone, he bought his own camera and tripod and set out to discover photography. He was the band’s first photographer.

Dmitry posted these amazing portraits on his social media and people really loved them. Among them, there was a man named Kiril, the owner of a stock company making content for Shutterstock, IStocks and more. Kiril liked the Dmitry’s vision of taking pictures and they began to collaborate.

Dmitry decided to continue his studies, that’s why he moved from the suburbs to Novosibirsk. He decided to search for a place in the student hostel, he got a message from Kiril who invited Dmitry to live with him in a mastermind house.

After some time, unfortunately, Dmitry was having some family troubles and he couldn’t go further with his passion: photography. There had been 3 difficult years for him, but Dmitry didn’t give up. At the end of this unpleasant chapter of his life, Dmitry had already founded an advertising agency, he was working with different brands.

But, for an ambitious person, it’s never enough and he wanted more and more. Accordingly, he went to Dubai for a project. He posted on Instagram some of the project pictures, which were very well received. From here, Dmitry received a lot of projects and work proposals.

There were many people who wanted a photo shooting in Moscow. Before going to Novosibirsk, he decided to stay for some days in Moscow. His success was so marvelous here, that he decided to remain.

Here, in Moscow, he makes an interesting, creative photo shooting with Viktoriya Korotkova- a Russian model, known from the reality show HolostyakCalvin Klein posted the pictures from this shooting on their official account. By the way, these photos were much more liked, than the photos with Justin Bieber, posted on CK account too.

His next important project was with Anastasiya Reshetova. He considers his time as the family photographer for Anastasia and Timur one the most important events of their family life.

Anastasyia spoke on Instagram about Dmitry’s talent, thus, he had a lot of shooting during the next half year. He worked with Nataliya Rudova as well.

His work

Dmitry has worked in GQ” Chelovek Goda”. Here, he had shootings and worked together with Feduk, Egor Kreed, and other artists.

Dmitry also made some shootings for Black Star Burger.

At that time, Dmitry had projects in France, Italy, Spain, England, Dominicana, Netherlands, Japan and USA.

In 2019, Dmitry had a publication in Russian Vogue, also in foreign magazines.

But, one of the most incredible and creative shoots was in Dubai. It was a two-day project in the desert shooting for a spa center.

Parallel to his activity, his online school InFrame, was in its period of glory. About 4,500 people have studied here for many years. 

Today, Dmitry is preparing for an exhibition and for the publication of the book ”Implied”, where the readers will discover a new, explicit genre of photography, but where everything is censored and you can see the beauty in every detail. This kind of photo generates a lot of beautiful emotions and imagination.

Now, Dmitry has a new interesting project. In 2019 he launched an online photo studios booking service, “AgentStudios” and he plans to continue growing it.

If you want to learn more about Dmitry, follow his Instagram.

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