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Similar to a usual business venture, the e-commerce biz has its highs and lows. Any business owner would want to optimize capital expense, faster return on investment, and run a solid e-commerce operation. Now that a business plan is in place and a BeProfit profit tracker has been set up for expense and budget tracking, the next goal is to minimize cart abandonment and execute an excellent customer journey.

It is a highly competitive market out there. A complex online shop that is not user-friendly can be problematic. Frustrating user experience (UX) may lead to consumers going elsewhere, or worse, leave a bad review. It is of utmost importance that every guest that leaves your virtual store is happy and satisfied. It should be a seamless shopping experience from website design, payment, and order fulfillment. Here are five common mistakes every entrepreneur should know and avoid.

Selecting the wrong e-commerce platform

Business owners must take their sweet time in choosing the best e-commerce platform for their business. The platform is critical when it comes to attracting your customers and eventually growing your brand.  The e-commerce that is selected must play an essential role in effectively showcasing your products and services. In line with this, the platform must be integrated with your existing system and offer a lenient customization level.

Not in sync with the target audience

A costly mistake an entrepreneur can make is not establishing a clear definition of the target audience and what encourages patronage. Conduct thorough market research before launch that defines the need for the product, the language of your market, and the marketing strategy for the business. 

Everything a business owner will do should resonate with the target audience and attract loyalty.

Complex Navigation design and poor UX

The e-commerce platform is a team effort between the business owner and the UX expert. Functionality must come with appealing aesthetics. A high conversion rate is the end game paired with the best design for your website.  User experience must be straightforward, convenient, with smooth navigation features. A seamless journey for customers equates to higher sales and revenue.

The business website is not SEO-compatible (Search Engine Optimization).

One of the biggest mistakes of an e-commerce entrepreneur is when SEO takes a back seat. Working to attract organic traffic to your page must be the top priority for any e-commerce-based venture. High-quality content, good reviews, and on-point product descriptions must take you to the first pages of a Google search engine.

Frustrating check out process

Check-out is the process where cart abandonment occurs. The key is to make the process simple. Eliminate obstacles such as setting up an account, and detailed, clear, and concise payment steps must be on the website. Never charge your guests unexpected fees. It must be transparent at the onset. Alternate methods of online payments are available; it is a best practice that your online store is offering it. If various options for check-out are available, the more convenient it is to the customers.

A successful e-commerce business means always being there for your clients; accessibility is the key. Knowing these mistakes and avoiding them can optimize your website to generate traffic and create a happy and loyal following to your brand.  

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