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Willy Lin is a successful entrepreneur from Singapore. In 2014 he founded the WAH academy and since then has been sharing his skills and knowledge with entrepreneurs.

Lin created his 5 Steps ecommerce System Coaching program, using self-taught skills, and has so far made more than $1 million in ecommerce profits.

He has ecommerce customers in more than a hundred countries and has personally assisted hundreds of enterprises with their marketing strategies. His methods and strategies are great for individuals who are determined to succeed in ecommerce.

More About WAH Academy

WAH is an acronym for ‘work at home’. After Lin found so much success implementing his ecommerce strategies, he found that a lot of contacts would ask if he was willing to share them.

Lin agreed and Work-At-Home Academy was born. He wanted to set up the company to offer his techniques to other promising ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Helping others to be successful in this field was the logical next step in Lin’s mind, and he knew the WAH Academy would be the best way to do this.

He knew he had the skills and knowledge to help others succeed, thereby making a positive impact on their lives, and arming them with the skills and knowledge to pass on to others.

WAH Goes from Strength to Strength

To begin with, when first setting up the business, people mainly heard about it via word of mouth. As interest continued to grow, Willy Lin used Meetup.com and then after that Facebook and YouTube Ads as a way of advertising his company.

Willy, along with his team, choose the name WAH Academy because it would allow others to learn from his strategies and make money from the comfort of their own homes, either as a part time option to make some extra cash or even making a full time ecommerce career.

His successful students would then go on to refer others and provide Lin with excellent testimonials. This resulted in WAH Academy becoming stronger, more popular and better known over time.

Students need to be qualified to join the program, and then there is also the option of them becoming coaches themselves armed with this valuable new knowledge.

The company scaled up in this way, teaching more students, many of who then become coaches themselves, in order to share the skills and knowledge necessary to do well in ecommerce.

What Kind of Tips are Shared?

Willy Lin offers the knowledge that sales and going viral are not only possible but easy to get when using social media platforms, and Facebook in particular.

Skills and knowledge can be shared easily on such platforms and it is also possible on Facebook to choose your target audience based on certain demographics, meaning the relevant potential entrepreneurs would see the marketing.

Sharing useful information on both YouTube and Facebook Ads is a successful strategy. Examples of these tips include topics such as ‘how to develop your own product to sell on Amazon’ and ‘pros and cons of working with trending products’.

Individuals can easy learn useful information and apply them to their own businesses, achieving real lasting success. Because of the accomplishments of these people, Willy Lin’s company has become much better known and has a reputation for excellent.

Marketing Products on Amazon

Instead of telling people to use paid traffic to drive Amazon sales, Willy prefers to work with influencers. They will present your product to followers, who might then share to their followers in turn if they like what they see.

The reasoning behind this approach is to help you get traffic from outside of Amazon instead of just relying on Amazon Sponsored Ads, and to scale your business by spreading the word about the products you are selling.

Amazon Sponsored Ads can work but it costs a lot to maintain, especially during peak sales periods.

How WAH Academy Compares to Others?

WAH Academy qualify people before they are allowed to join, which results in entry for only those who are truly interested in the program. This sets it apart from similar companies who will take anyone willing to part with some cash.

Lin knows how vital the right attitude is when starting out in the world of ecommerce, and he knows his academy is not for everyone, hence the stringent selection process.

If determined individuals do well, they will then in turn encourage others to do the same, meaning everyone can learn and improve their techniques and grow their knowledge together. This positive environment in the WAH group means students can get great results. This is a promise to students joining the academy from Willy Lin himself.

Lin has a ‘strategy call’ method, as he calls it, which means his team interviews potential candidates who want to enroll in the coaching program. Anyone who is not serious about succeeding in ecommerce is filtered out of the selection process.

Enrolling only those viewed as a good fit for the academy means a continuing high success rate. Once accepted and registered, a candidate will receive all the coaching they require in order to become successful.

What Inspires Willy Lin?

Lin says having determination and consistency is crucial to success. In order to be successful, an entrepreneur has to have the correct attitude and character, and be willing to learn new skills and knowledge. Willy Lin was also inspired by these books:

  1. Digital Millionaire Secrets, by Dan Henry
  2. Cashvertising, by Drew Eric Whitman
  3. The Will to Win, by Robert Herjavec

How the WAH Future Looks

In this ever-changing world, more and more people want to work from home because the world of ecommerce is always rapidly growing and there are profits to be made, for those who can stand out from the competition because they know what they are doing.

As more people realize that working from home is a viable option, determined individuals will turn to companies like WAH Academy in order to learn new skills and knowledge. Will Lin loves working with entrepreneurs and helping them achieve success.

It is fair to say that the future of WAH Academy is looking bright and promising for keen, ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs everywhere.

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