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With so many advances and developments taking place around us, it is imperative to notice the kind of revolution the digital world is bringing about in every industry. This has paved the way for many young people to come up with new ideas and concepts, disrupting the current business landscape for the better. However, the journey to excel at such a rapid pace and reach one of the top positions is never a cakewalk for any individual. Every life journey comes with a set of problems and struggles that people need to face to further grow, not just professionally but as an individual as well. Facing the adversities and rising above them describes one such young man and entrepreneur, who chose to never give up but instead help others in their journey to achieve their goals; he is Anmol Singh, a renowned entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. But, there is more to Anmol than meets the eye. He is an online influencer in finance and investing, an author as well as a humanitarian.

From Humble Beginnings to World Class Investor

Anmol was born in Delhi, India, on April 23, 1992. After completing his high school education, Anmol studied abroad in London, gaining a degree in Business and Management from Brunel University. Very early in life, Anmol had realized that, to “make it big” in life, decisions had to be made so that he could commence his journey into entrepreneurship. To also support his family, he first entered the world of real estate and later developed an affinity for trading. He continued to work hard and hone in his trading craft, consistently advancing on his path to creating a real-estate portfolio. His trading career opportunities expanded quickly, and in a few short years he discovered a formula to help him trade profitably.

“The stock market always goes up. Up and down – but historically, it always goes up. The difference between profit and loss comes down to your understanding of how to trade and your ability to make logical and fast decisions based on constantly changing data.” – Anmol Singh

Esteemed Author Helping Aspiring Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Life Goals 

Anmol recently published Prepping For Success: Ten Keys for Making It in Life, an inspirational, light-hearted guide to help readers put their plans into action. It offers an understandable and relatable step-by-step approach to discovering one’s true self and achieving true personal success. In this book, he brings a unique view on success and shows how the same concepts that he has used to help million-dollar traders are applicable to the day-to-day lives of ordinary people, irrespective of the industry or career they are in. 

Anmol’s hard work and dedication have rewarded him with a strong company and the sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to positively affect thousands of careers. 

Establishing a Reputation as a Successful Forex Trader and Entrepreneur 

Anmol was able to acquire such admirable trading skills, and it wasn’t long before several investors identified his potential and hired him to do their trading for them. It was a milestone in his life, and propelled him as a top stocks and Forex trader. Meanwhile, Anmol continued to build a reputable portfolio in the real estate and automotive sectors. He became a well-known entrepreneur. 

In 2015, Anmol Singh, along with Jared Wesley, founded Livetraders.com, an educational institute that offers training courses not only for Forex trading but also for stocks and other forms of trading. Since its establishment, LiveTraders has helped more than 10,000 students. The platform even offers a live session where Anmol, along with his partners and students, trade live. Livetraders.com is considered the top-ranked Stock Market, Forex, and Options educational platform. 

“My team and I at Live Traders can show you how to ride the emotional roller coaster that trading can be. And for those that are patient, disciplined, and hardworking, the financial rewards are unbeatable. If you want to be a successful trader, we can show you how to execute trades, review the different scenarios you’ll be up against, and most importantly, how to remove the emotion from it” 

Launching A Scholarship Program to Give Back

Singh stepped in the trading industry to achieve financial independence and to help his family, and he wanted to provide other people a similar chance. Singh had to face difficulties while he was becoming a profitable trader, but he wanted to change things for the younger generation. Two years after the platform was created, Livetraders.com announced a scholarship program. The program was an attempt to ‘give back to the financially less fortunate.’ Through this scholarship, deserving and qualified students get a chance to be a part of the training program for free or at great discounts. 

Today, at the age of 28, Anmol has achieved success in diverse fields as trader, educationist, entrepreneur, writer and angel investor, and stands as a true inspiration for many who are still dreaming of “making it big.”

Anmol’s official website is www.livetraders.com, where traders can learn successful strategies by enrolling in Live Traders’ various training programs.

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