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Danielle Amos is a business and success mentor and coach. She is a certified consultant at Proctor Gallagher Institute, a lifestyle businesswoman, and the Prosperity Practice podcast host. 

She is passionate and dedicated to teaching professional and aspiring entrepreneurs all around the globe. Teaching people that prosperity, abundance, and money is mainly about attracting energy. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and enterprises to have all they want and desire through the power of thought and attraction.  

Personal Growth 

When Danielle Amos left her corporate job, she was at a loss on what to do with her life and which path she should take. That is when it dawned on her, she was going to start building her own company. 

Danielle Amos Inc. (DAI) was initially to build up her brand for her future business endeavors. She states that since it is essential and critical to have multiple income streams, it is better to have a company take care of her money avenues. 

She also shares that the company she is building is especially for women who are beating themselves up for not achieving what they imagine their lives will be. But their number one mission is to teach women and everyone else how to work smarter and not harder by listening and trusting their intuition and taking the necessary steps and actions to achieve them. 


One of the turn-key moments in Danielle Amos’ life was when she reached the top level as a coach and mentor at Proctor Gallagher Institute, where she earned a seat at Bob Proctor’s Inner Circle. Besides Proctor Gallagher Institue, she has also taken internationally renowned personal growth seminars and programs at Landmark and Tony Robbin. 

Danielle Amos considers coaching and guiding clients worldwide through different styles and approaches one of her best achievements. 

Coaching Strategies 

Using the principles she gathered from different personal growth programs like Thinking Into Results to make powerful shifts to their mindset, approach, and mentality, she guides people to their better versions of themselves. 

Danielle Amos customized and modified a healthy and wholesome living program to help nurture their bodies. She also created and produced retreats during weekends to focus and bedrock on their souls’ vital needs. 

These simple methods have transformed countless of her clients’ lives. She accompanies them on their path to self-acceptance and growth while teaching and enlightening them that the world and the universe are abundant, bounteous, and full of possibilities. 

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Challenges and Tips on How to Overcome Them 

Danielle Amos shares that the biggest challenge everyone faces is our mind. The subconscious mind is there to help and keep us safe, hinder us from playing and dreaming big while confirming and assuring our heads’ voices saying we are not enough, we are too old or young or too late. 

These voices that keep saying that we are not enough are voices stopping us from achieving what we are supposed to achieve. 

Sometimes, our subconscious minds act as con artists, and without proper guidance and knowledge, most people do not get to overcome these thoughts and voices. Only 3% of people achieve and acquire their goals and aspirations because of the nasty and negative con artist that Proctor Gallagher Institute calls “paradigm.” 

Negative thinking is the type of challenge we face when we start going after our dreams. More often than not, our families and friends will be in sync with this paradigm while echoing the voice inside your head. It is another challenge to look out for and beware of. 

Remember to close off and shut your mind to the negative influences and comments of family and friends. These people may have your best interest in mind, but they bring in their limiting and constricting beliefs to the table and impart their opinions with you. It is critical, especially when you start with your goal, because they may discourage your dreams. 

Surround yourself always with people who have positive mindsets and the same goals to support you and your ventures. These people will only speak about succeeding in your plans and not about how it won’t work. These types of conversations make or break someone’s spirit and motivation. 

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Danielle Amos visualizes serving and helping thousands of people worldwide. For her, her ultimate success is assisting others in achieving and reaching their dreams. 

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    Thank you for sharing this inspirational story! I am one of Danielle’s students, an I know she is the real deal!

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