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Lyra Almoite, a Southeast Asia and Philippine-based entrepreneur, is a leading executive in project and business management. She has worked with different individuals using her branding and social media abilities to gauge businesses and manage her own. 

With her several years in the industry, Lyra has gone through many experiences. Now, let’s see into her success and business journey. 

Can you tell us how you started in the industry?

Lyra Almoite: I used to be a freelancer to local establishments in my hometown while I was in college, doing graphic designs and handling their social media accounts. I guess I have been in the freelancing industry for the longest time. When I graduated, my dream was to go up the corporate ladder and have a name in the industry, at least in my hometown. 

However, working in the corporate world and taking the marketing job for homegrown brands for a couple of years was not as fulfilling as I thought my career path would be. I could only obtain the best vacation days during my five vacation leave and five sick leave, not to mention the office politics, and pay was not that much. Thus, I quit my job and tried my luck in getting remote work. Luckily, after three months of being unemployed, I was able to get a job at an agency as a Project Manager. 

I loved the remote job because I could travel and work from home, but working in an agency or being employed in general still felt limiting. So, I started getting little projects on the side and looking for other businesses to start from home. 

How did your journey go before you became an Online Business Manager?

Lyra Almoite: Eventually, I felt the need to quit my job and started taking in clients. However, I went into thinking; I don’t know what am I. Am I a Project Manager? Virtual Assistant? Social Media Manager? Graphic Designer? Copywriter? I kept wondering all of these because carrying one label or expertise is an understatement since I can pretty much do all that work. At that moment, I felt like I have become a jack of all trades and master of none by being a project manager who dips her hands in many projects. 

“My mindset back then was I can’t manage things that I don’t know. That is why I try to know and understand every moving part.” Lyra states.

I also deal with my own business, and I was a one-person team. Perhaps, that was where I learned those. I have no idea what I was back then or what I am offering, so I pitch to everything I know I can pull off. 

When did you find yourself being an Online Business Manager?

Lyra Almoite: After pitching everything I know I can do, I did get some clients, but I did not enjoy those projects, and they were not long-term. Then, I came across a group of people who call themselves Online Business Managers. I thought maybe I am this one, so I took days researching what they do, how they position themselves, what they offer, and how the position works. Whatever they do feels right and spot-on for me.

Who was your first business client?

Lyra Almoite: My first client was Mandy Fransz, Founder of Make A Leap Digital and a mentor. It was even a work-exchange because I need her to teach me how to utilize LinkedIn to take in clients, build a strong online brand, and more. 

Eventually, she became a client who referred clients my way, and those clients also referred more individuals. It was a ripple effect in getting referrals. Then, I built a beautiful brand wherein almost all my social media accounts became a lead magnet for people who wanted to work with me. 

“Soon enough, I became an all booked out Online Business Manager for female coaches and entrepreneurs. Female badasses who I super love working with!” Lyra mentions. 

What is your business goal?

Lyra Almoite: My goal is to teach my team (and more women) how to work online so they can still manage a household and even quit their corporate jobs.

My current team is made of incredible women who are working for me part-time. Some of them work in corporations, so they’re working for me after office hours. Some are full-time mothers, and others are full-time students.

“Not only am I helping them become ‘home-based entrepreneurs,’ but I am also building a team that will soon be capable of being home-based workers or maybe even home-based entrepreneurs themselves!” Lyra says.

I want them to know how to make money and build a career online, and maybe they’ll never ever need a corporate career because remote work is the workforce’s future. And my clients will always serve as an inspiration to them as people who did it already.

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