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Morality Music is an independent Hip-Hop label based in the DC, metropolitan area; founded in January 2017. Morality Music IS committed to doing whatever is necessary to get artists, employees, and partners to higher levels. Their team is full of committed individuals; all pursuing to be the best at what they specialize in. Morality Music is a culture controlled product. Although the music produced/ promoted is for all ears, it thrives for the betterment of the African American hip-hop culture. Music plays such an influential role in today’s society, therefore it aspires to play important roles in the community, and remain socially active. Morality music supports all ambitious, motivated, and persistent artists. We hope to build our brand/ network, through professionalism, authenticity, respect, work ethic, honesty, and creativity.


Bryan “Boss Beez” Pharaon is the Founder and CEO of an independent management label, Morality Music. He was born in Haiti, 1997, and came to America in the summer of 2005. He and his siblings were raised by a wise woman who showed us the power of a strong work ethic. His unique selling point in this industry is simply himself. Multiple people offer managerial/ marketing services but its the businessman in the transaction that makes each situation different. In all businesses, he carries his passion, competence, communication, and honesty. He is very passionate about his brand’s respect and success. This forces him to work with efficiency, regardless of who he is in business with or conducting a service for.



Under management, the brand hopes to turn artists into proactive leaders! Leaders in music, life, and health. Although they teach the artists to understand the entire industry, their goal is to conduct the business around them at such an exceptional level, they would only have to focus on producing music! Artists under management are NOT clients, They are FAMILY!


According to the CEO, “If you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. If you teach him how to fish, he eats forever.” Morality Music’s consulting program aims to legitimize an artist’s career by focusing on organizing the foundation, brand management, legal/ monetary services, and marketing strategies. Our 1-on-1 sessions give the artist a necessary understanding of how to conduct business professionally and take the necessary steps forward!”

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