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On November 28, 2018, Rick Mac was admitted to Cornell Medical Hospital. He spent a week in the hospital beginning intense treatment. Three weeks prior, he had gotten a biopsy which showed large B cell lymphoma. Over a 5 month ordeal, Rick faced 6 rounds of chemotherapy. By the time he was done on March 12, 2019, Rick had lost his hair and a lot of weight. 


His outlook on his life was renewed and many aspects of his life were reevaluated. He had new goals and drive, but he knew his starting point had to be transforming himself. His first priority was to make himself look and feel his best. Before the challenging journey, Rick had been very active in the gym, going in about 5 days a week. He also enjoyed playing sports, such as hockey while also organizing his Mens’ Hockey League by making jerseys and putting the schedule together. 


He had also been an avid reader with cognitive prowess and had the spirit of a seeker. Even more than a year after chemo and treatments wreaked havoc on his system, Rick felt as if he was in a fog. His hair didn’t bounce back like he thought it would. The way he saw himself didn’t feel like what it once was. 


Then Rick met Taylor Perry and was introduced to SMP – Scalp Micropigmentation. When he looked in the mirror after getting this procedure done, it was a magical and quite emotional moment for him. Rick describes it as an “AHA moment” because it guided him in the direction he feels he’s heading in now. 


His professional background was in finance. Rick ran an insurance brokerage for the last 20 years of his life, but he saw many benefits, throughout multiple realms, to pursuing SMP. He knew he could bring all his prior knowledge with him to apply to the business aspect of empowering as many people as he could through the procedure that had been so instrumental in getting him over the last threshold in his healing journey. 


When Rick reached back out to Taylor for his touch-up in the summer of 2019, Taylor had an opening in his SMP class at the same time, so the serendipity illuminated a new path for him! Rick was also closing on a house at the time, too, so it was really the beginning of an exciting new chapter.  In November of 2020, Taylor came to New York, and they started working together, doing people’s heads and changing lives. 


Rick is now an expert SMP artist at MAC SMP Clinic in White Plains, NY. Rick Mac is a Scalp Micropigmentation Expert that has been redefining happiness & confidence one head at a time. What started as a hair solution for him after successfully beating Stage-2 Lymphoma cancer, turned into a passion project for anyone suffering from baldness. Schedule Your Free Consultation Right Now & Receive a $50 Sign-On Bonus on the website! Also, visit and like the facebook page to stay connected. 

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