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As a 25-year old entrepreneur who’s founded multiple 6-figure businesses, traveled around the world to nearly 47 countries, and is mentor to thousands of entrepreneurs, we can say Yan Stavisski has surely accomplished more than most at his young age. 

However, Yan’s reality just several years back was the exact opposite success, freedom, and opportunity. In fact Yan had just graduated college with two degrees (one in finance and the other in marketing) and found it quite difficult to get employment, even with two college degrees from schools like Berkley and San Francisco State University. 

Having spent four years and nearly one-hundred thousand dollars on a college education, Yan felt hopeless after realizing his efforts were not paying off as planned.

“I couldn’t tell you a single thing I learned from my four years in college,” Yan said. He went on to explain “I ve always wanted success and to have my own businesses but coming out of college, I gained nothing to help me achieve that goal.”

Yan went on to going head-first into entrepreneurship and took a shot at starting multiple businesses at once hoping something would work. He didn’t have income at the time so he decided to use credit cards to fund his business endeavors. 

In six months, Yan had accumulated over $80,000 worth of credit card debt and not a single business was profitable. 

Yan realized he was doing something very wrong and had gotten into a very difficult situation given that he had no one to help financially and his monthly income was barely enough to cover the interest on his debts. 

“ I knew I had to make drastic changes. A realization came to me after listening to a business podcast which stated a business owner will fail nearly 100% of the time if they don’t have sales skills and I certainly did not acquire that in college” Yan said. 

Stavisski decided to quit all of his business endeavors and instead landed a sales job at an upcoming tech startup. He told us that “learning sales” was his number one priority, among building his business skills, and earning income to pay his debts. 

After several months, Yan climbed the ranks to becoming the number one salesperson by volume in the company. “ Instead of focusing on the money first, I focused on becoming a professional at my skills, providing value to customers, business partners, and my company. That’s how I became the top salesperson in the company so quickly and naturally, the money came afterwards”, Yan explained.

Yan also spent several hours each day learning everything he could about credit. “ I knew there was a better way to use credit and I knew my lack of knowledge simply resulted in me being taken advantage of by the banks” Yan went on to say. Credit repair came first for Stavisski, given the fact that he was on the verge of bankruptcy with an unbearable amount of debt and a credit score of 490.

Fast forward six months and Yan has made enough money to get out of debt and has gained enough credit knowledge to fix his credit back to a 760. 

All the time he spent learning credit allowed him to see an opportunity and leverage credit as an investment, but also minimizing risk and avoiding the possibility of getting into the same situation he was in just over a year prior.

Stavisski started by leveraging his credit for small real-estate deals and even some ecommerce ventures that both proved successful enough for Yan to leave his sales job and pursue entrepreneurship once again. 

This time, things looked optimistic and his business ventures were proving to be successful. This is when Yan started traveling frequently since his daily businesses did not require his physical presence and operations could be done with a smartphone and a laptop. In 2019, Yan traveled to nearly 25 countries and took over 140 flights!

“My two secrets that allowed my journey to success are a very deep understanding of the credit system and sales skills” Yan explained. 

“It’s mind-blowing the information and skills that will actually allow you to see success in today’s economy are not taught in school anywhere. It’s the reason US consumers hold over $14 Trillion in debt and no understanding of how to manage it. Forget using it for investments, people don’t even know how business credit works or what interest rates really are” Stavisski went on to explain.

Yan began leveraging credit for larger deals and went on to start his own online education business to teach others about the importance of credit and how to leverage it for your benefit without getting in trouble like he previously did. He now has thousands of students and is certainly making a larger impact on people than most colleges do for aspiring entrepreneurs or even everyday people that simply want to get a grasp on their finances and credit.

“Business success simply wouldn’t have been possible without going for that sales job, perfecting my skills, and learning how the credit system works. I believe everyone should have this information and skill, at least on a basic level” Stavisski says. 

Yan also shares his journey and lots of valuable credit, business, and lifestyle content across his social media accounts like Instagram​ and ​TikTok​.

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