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For Mads Kristensen, the decision to pursue entrepreneurship full-time was simple: He was tired of taking orders from others and wanted to be in charge of his destiny and his own time. He’d spent years throughout his teens and twenties delivering pizza, working in factories, and working on construction sites, and it made him realize he was never born to work for someone else. 


Once he committed to never working for somebody ever again, his career took off. Mads is now the proud owner of a construction company, a bar and nightclub, a fight event company, and the biggest tattoo parlor chain in the world called Tattoo Fashion. He’s an admitted workaholic and says that he wouldn’t be close to where he’s at in his career without his relentless work ethic and desire to be financially free. 


Mads is also an incredibly polarizing figure. He’s an entertainer and has been on several television shows in Denmark, and recently made his heavyweight boxing debut in 2019. He’s also widely known as a hard street kid with a background in a biker gang and is covered in tattoos. While he may seem like an intimidating, intense person on the surface, he’s an incredibly giving, kind-hearted person, in addition to being an absolute force as an entrepreneur. 


Mads gives back to his community by donating his time and money and has donated large sums of money to the less fortunate, animal centers, and the homeless, in addition to donating meals and toys to families in need around Christmastime. He finds immense fulfillment and inspiration in giving to others in need and has made giving back to his community just as important as furthering his career as an entrepreneur. 


As for his plans, Mads has a massive plan to expand his already thriving tattoo brand along with all of his other business ventures. Tattoo Fashion is already widely known in Denmark, Germany, and other countries, and Mads has plans to make it a well-known brand in America and beyond. 


Becoming successful, and financially free has given Mads an appreciation for giving back to his community and it also helped him further himself as a person. He’s learned to be more patient with other people, and control his temper, and has learned to regulate his emotions during business dealings and in life. 

Success couldn’t have come to a better person than Mads, and he’s able to use all he’s accomplished in business to do great things in the world. You can find Mad on his instagram page.

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