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Some of us dream of becoming millionaires, who doesn’t? But not everyone has the willingness and drive to do anything to reach it. And not all of us can endure the hardships and trials to achieve our ultimate goal. Not Aaron Ware. Aaron Ware is nothing without his willingness and the fire within him that made him strive harder. He made sure that through his sacrifices and hardships, he will become a success and that he did! 

The Beginning

Aaron is just like most of us. An ordinary boy that life knocked down before he even started. He had dropped out of high school and joined his father as an electrician. Most of the people knowing him are sure that a chance of a bright future is no longer in sight for him.

He started working before he reached 11th grade and he started grinding in different industries like construction, and mining. He wanted to earn money. Money for him to start building his own business, money that would take him away from all the hardships he was experiencing then. With his motivation and hard work, little did he know that he will reap the fruits of his labor in the end. 

Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities 

Just like what he said in his blog, Be Grateful For Obstacles, obstacles happen for a reason and the reason is for you to grow. Do you imagine where Aaron would be right now if he didn’t believe that the obstacles he is experiencing are going to be opportunities and gateways for him to reach his goal? 

Aaron worked harder than anyone because he doesn’t want to end up working all day and night, getting home too tired to have a nice dinner with the family. He doesn’t want that. He worked extra hard for his future. 

What’s good about Aaron is he had a vision and this vision kept him going. He wanted to start his own company. To achieve this, he has to start from the bottom of the food chain. He knocked on doors, asking people for opportunities to give him a job. He cold-called friends thinking some of them might need a little do-over in their houses where he can be of assistance And long last, he got his opportunity, he got a contract and soon enough, he started winning more and more contracts.

He started working doubly hard and was able to purchase his company, Pedley’s Electrical Services. His hard work finally paid off but that did not end his obstacles. 

Being a start-up businessman, he encountered new and different obstacles than what he experienced before starting his business. This time he learned through his experience a lot of things that made him better in what he was doing. 


Learnings Through Experiences

Aaron did not attend any formal schooling or go to business school. He was not trained to run a business and in his apprenticeship, there was no proper training or any guidance. This ended up with him having bad experiences and making bad choices. 

He employed and trusted the wrong people. He made bad decisions. He invested in the wrong things. He did not have a system. He did not have the business front right away. 

But instead of loathing and letting these things bring him down, he learned from his experience and made experience teach him what the world can’t let him learn- being a good businessman. 

He focused mainly on his goals, he made sure that his vision is what keeps him going. He has grown into the man he envisioned himself to be and today as he grows his business into a multi-million empire he wants to share his practices and business techniques so that others can reach for their dreams and become a success as well. 

Giving Back

After being able to grow his business Aaron wanted to share his knowledge and story to people who want to scale their business without experiencing what he experienced. 

He wanted to remove the notion that in building your business you have to have the education before you can expand your business. He wanted to instill in budding entrepreneurs that with their hard work and perseverance they can achieve their goals. 

With this idea, he came up with different ways to help others. He offers training courses and makes his training available to the public. 

Aaron Ware is now the Owner and Managing Director of Pedley’s Solar. It is a revolutionary company that offers solar solutions. He also shares his expertise and insights through blogs and books, you may check out his blogs here

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