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Some experts focus on mental wellness others focus on physical wellbeing, Jean Fallacara,  Hyper-focus on both!

With his platform Cyborggainz Jean is focused on the fitness niche. Jean’s fitness program is based on the concept, “Neuroscience Calisthenics.” This program not only upgrades the physical but mental performance as well and teaches you how to develop hyperfocus.

 While medicine see Hyperfocus, mainly as symptom for people with attention deficit & hyperactivity disorder (ADD and ADHD), a highly focused attention that lasts a long time.

 Jean Fallacara think that it is giving a superpower, the ability to concentrate on something so hard that the person lose track of everything else going on around.

 We talked with Jean to discover how to develop this Superpower  

‘’Hyper-focus is a wonderful gift, and with some training, anyone can learn to use it constructively.’’ Says Jean

 In positive psychology, Hyperfocus is called flow state, or being in the zone, the highest form of happiness, the ultimate goal of achievement for elite athletes.

 ‘’I want people to realize that Training the mind is equally essential as is training the body and your growth and development are highly dependent on both’’

”My goals with my book Neuroscience Calisthenics are of high-altitude: if you use your mind to push your performance forward, with the use of physical activities, then you will increase growth factors in the brain which makes it easier for the brain to grow new neuronal connections: That’s the principle of Brain plasticity!”

 Growth of new connections takes place between cells in many important cortical areas of the brain which in turn has a very positive effect on mental health, boosting your mood, and in inducing positive thoughts. This process is never-ending as proven by recent neuroscience researches which have clearly shown that our brain never stops learning.

 Jean is convinced ‘’Applying Neuroscience in sports is the next frontier for technology in sports’’

 Fallacara understands that the mind and body connection is more important than we think. He challenges his clients by asking them this question, “If you are going to train the body, shouldn’t the brain be trained along with it?”

A Sneak Peek At Jean Fallacara Bio

Jean Fallacara is a french-born athlete, biohacker, speaker, and the maverick CEO of Z-SCI Corporation- a multimillion-dollar enterprise which aims at producing Cold Storage Laboratory solution for the current Covid vaccine market. Ranking #5 in the TOP10 Motivational Influencers Jean is also the founder of Cyborggainz– a unique web application platform that offers a new approach to calisthenics training. His blog is in the TOP20 Best Calisthenics Blogs and Websites.

Jean Fallacara has revolutionized the fitness program by introducing this concept known as neuroscience calisthenics. Calisthenics is a fitness approach that is fast gaining popularity. It entails gymnastic exercises that help one achieve and improve bodily fitness and grace of movement.

Jean holds a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, a master’s degree in immunology and genetics, and an engineering degree in biotechnology. He has also studied neurosciences and brain functionalities, law and finances. He has 20 years’ experience as a business executive and has founded and led many science-technology companies.

Jean in his book Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack your Body Clock offers great insights about the mind and body connection. He says that every decision we make, either consciously or subconsciously shifts our body towards aging. But if we grasp the concepts on the mind and body connection we can hijack the aging process and achieve optimum efficiency.



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