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Rudy Treminio is an entrepreneur who defied all odds and took a huge leap of faith to start his own business. He came to the United States as an immigrant with no education. He was incarcerated at one point with nothing in his favor struggling to make ends meet, and he used all of this as his strength to continue on, create goals, and not stop until he reaches them. He made a conscious effort to take all of the negatives in his life and turn them into positives. Rudy has had a great work ethic from a young age, and wanted to be the hardest worker in every room he went in. This drive and determination is how he made a name for himself in the car industry through personal branding. 


Rudy Treminio is considered a game changer in the automotive industry because of his mentality that you have to outwork everyone else and that is the only way to always be three steps ahead. The way that Rudy did this was instead of only being proficient in a few areas of the industry you are going into, he learned everything he could to become an expert in the field. Rudy did this because he wanted to stand out from the rest in a large industry, and this is what makes him unique. 


One of the biggest challenges Rudy Treminio faced when starting his own business was fear of the unknown. He explains this as “Taking that huge leap of faith into entrepreneurship it is natural to have questions of doubt. Are you going to succeed? Will you be good enough? What if you don’t make it? But once you overcome all of your fears everything will fall into place. You become fearless!” Fear is an obstacle that you must face head on or else it will hinder your success. Use it as motivation to work even harder and to make progress every single day towards your goals. 


Success to Rudy means accomplishing all of his goals, providing an exceptional service, and being able to share his story with others and help them along their journey of entrepreneurship. One of the biggest obstacles Rudy Treminio has overcome on his journey so far was alcoholism. He feels as though we all have some sort of addiction and in order to overcome it you have to first admit that there is a problem. “Once you face fear and your demons head on you become a stronger version of yourself.” Rudy wrote and published a book called “Game Changer” where he shares his story, the trials and tribulations he went through when starting his business, and how he overcame obstacles. This book is essentially a blueprint for any business that wants to be successful, and Rudy wants people to be able to learn from his mistakes while sharing his own advice on how to succeed. 

Rudy Treminio  is currently working towards becoming the #1 Chevy dealership in all of NYC, starting his own auto group, and completing his second book. Each day Rudy learns more about his business, the industry, and makes progress towards his goals. To follow along with Rudy’s journey, click here.

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