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David Albanese serves as a spokesperson on behalf of all entrepreneurs through his aspirations of helping others in need. The journey through entrepreneurship enables individuals with a mission to succeed to not only potentially yield high reward, but improve the lives of others. From a young age, David began to strategize a pathway to fulfill his long term dreams and discovered the potential among the cannabis industry. With studies and research continuing to evolve daily surrounding the medical and recreational usage of cannabis, entrepreneurs are seeking opportunities within the market.


Businesses trying to sustain their existence throughout the pandemic have faced struggles in which David recognizes. Aside from the negative stereotypes the cannabis industry faces, David strategically planned his path to sustain High Farms’ reputable brand through the effects of COVID-19. David attributes his planning skills to his numerous ventures around the world of business. His forward thinking mindset allowed him to take a step back during the pandemic and proceed with careful planning to maintain the business with clients. 


Though it may seem impossible to sustain a business during the pandemic, David credits the strong discipline and confidence within his work ethic to the ability to proceed with the success of High Farms. Each entrepreneur needs to find their reason and drive to succeed and David clearly viewed the potential in the cannabis industry and is able to fulfill his goals of helping others while pursuing an entrepreneurial endeavor. However, no business venture comes without roadblocks or challenges. One of the biggest challenges David has overall faced was the skepticism of critics. Without hearing thoughts of support, individuals may experience discouragement with their business venture but David thoroughly believed in the mission he was pursuing.


The pandemic brought on a lot of unexpected challenges which would have made it easy for David or anyone to quit, however the investment of his time, patience, and passion for the business is what drove him to success. When being asked how important mindset is when starting a business, David responded with “Building and then maintaining a positive mindset is essential to success. One must work everyday towards their goals because nothing comes without blood, sweat, and tears.” David advises those wishing to start their own business to believe in the dream you aim to achieve and never stop working towards the goal. 

David Albenese’s future continues to stay bright and is planning to continue uplifting the cannabis industry and those seeking to grow as a business within the market. Alongside, David is seeking to further discover ways to innovate the cannabis industry to gather a larger customer base across the globe. To follow along with David’s business and future ventures, click here.

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