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Joseph Song is an entrepreneur who has let nothing get in the way of his success. His main business is YouTube Automation where he runs cash cow channels and outsources all of the content. Joseph found motivation to start his own business and choose a non-traditional path because he saw other successful entrepreneurs his age making good money online. After seeing this, Joseph knew he had the equal opportunity to do so and could not wait to get started.


One of the biggest challenges Joseph Song faced on his journey to entrepreneurship was his parents. Living in an Asain household, it was difficult for Joseph to convince his parents to let him not take the typical path of being a full time entrepreneur and not going to school. Something Joseph struggled with talking to his parents about his goals to focus on being a full time entrepreneur and taking that risk while pushing the comforts of a college education aside. Despite all the obstacles along the way, it is Joseph Song’s determination and belief in himself that put him on the path to success and he is just getting started. 


Every entrepreneur is going to face obstacles, hardships, and failures before they find success. However, it is how they approach those obstacles and learn from them that will determine their success. Without his parents’ full support, Joseph Song knew that he had to have an unwavering belief in himself and an unbreakable mindset to do so which he did. An entrepreneur’s perception of fear and success is a strong indicator of the trajectory of their business.


To Joseph Song, fear means not becoming the best version of himself. Throughout his life, Joseph wants to be the best person he can be in all aspects of life from health, wealth, happiness, and spirituality. He was motivated to prove himself in the industry, build credibility and respect, and do business with integrity which is exactly what he has done at such a young age. On the other hand, success to Joseph means having the financial freedom to do what he wants. He does not want to have to worry about money and wants to have as much passive cash flow and money invested as possible to set himself up for the future. 

When being asked the importance of mindset when starting your own business, Joseph Song replied with “Mindset is extremely important. Had I stuck to the same negative mindset I had when I was getting no results, I would never be here today. I had to shift my entire mindset to positivity and become a perpetual learning machine to make it happen despite any obstacles. One lesson I learned is to never get too comfortable in your business or else it will never grow to be where you want it to be.” As for what is next for Joseph, he is working towards helping more people create passive incomes for themselves and learning more about the finance industry to invest his money. To learn more about Joseph Song and his YouTube Automation business, click here

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