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Andrew Covington is an American entrepreneur with multiple business ventures. Some would call him an overnight success, but that is far from the case. With hard work and determination Andrew has slowly built an empire of various businesses within multiple industries. One of his most successful ventures is Covington Law, which specializes in business trademark, copyright, contract, and business start up litigation. Outside of his most recent venture with Covington Law, Andrew also has various businesses in the entertainment industry, personal care services, and non profit organizations. 


Throughout Andrews journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur,  his lifelong dream of building his wealth by establishing multiple streams of income has been his motivation. Andrew stated “As a kid I saw my parents always working hard and I wanted to one day be able to take care of them.” Like most, there were lots of bumps on the road to success. One of which was an obstacle for Andrew to overcome was his relationship with the fear of failing. Fear is something that can push any entrepreneur to achieve their goals and use it as motivation, or it can be an obstacle to achieving success. Andrew went on to explain “Once I overcame my fear of failure, I came to the realization that I could achieve anything I set my mind to.” 


Being an entrepreneur is so much more than what it looks like from the outside, most successful entrepreneurs all have one thing in common. The similarity to help others and make an impact in their lives. Throughout Andrews business ventures, Andrew has made an incredible impact. Whether its a service based solution or a non profit organizational cause, Andrew continues to create an impact and maintain a pivotal role in the betterment of others lives as well. One of Andrews most important causes he is a part of is a non profit organization called Insightful Visionaries. The Non profit has a mission to engage and impact the lives of the underserved blind and disabled that are in their community. 


This notable charitable organization is close to Andrew’s heart because his mom was diagnosed with a disease that caused her to go blind. To honor his mom’s legacy, he has continued to build her empire by running her hair salons. Currently they have two successful salons backed by the support of Andrew himself. Between his contribution to a great cause and continuing to build his mom’s legacy, Andrew has defined what is already well known for entrepreneurs. We all want to make an impact and a difference..


Andrew Covington has shown through his own established legacy the impact he has made and the character it has shown that he resembles. To learn more about Andrew or anyone of his various solutions to help people in the marketplace or his contributional causes, follow Andrew directly on Instagram

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