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“Money flows where the attention goes. The more that you spread your message and your value across social media through a personal brand, the more success you will have in getting people involved and invested with you.” – Marcello Cantu


For his grit and gift to adapt intensively to technology, young CEO Marcello Cantu successfully established his name and ventures in the blockchain mining and dropshipping industry. At a young age, Marcello developed a culture of work smart habits and how to maximize his assets through emerging technology.


As one of the youngest CEO in the industry, Marcello is more than happy and willing to shed some insights about his secrets on how to become a young Chief Executive Officer or CEO.




For Marcello, there’s no formula or a precise blueprint to follow in order to become a young CEO. However, becoming one takes more than just intelligence and good professional background but a solid grit and a clear goal on how to reach success.


1. Experience! Experience! Experience!


For Marcello, to become CEO, a person needs to have extensive experience in the industry where the company operates. A chief executive’s role is to offer the firm with a vision and a course to follow, which is difficult to achieve without vast expertise and a thorough understanding of the potential risks and possibilities that the company may face in the future.


“While some people are naturally born leaders, most people are not. To rise to the position of a top executive, one must toil for years. There should be a lot of experience in the company’s industry. Last but not least, those who have risen through the corporate ranks may be at an advantage because they are undoubtedly more familiar with it than any outsider could possibly be”, Marcello shared.


2. Passive or aggressive personality?


A degree from a recognized university and an in-depth understanding of the industry the company operates are advantages. These qualities, however, do not guarantee that a person will climb to the top of the corporate ladder on their own. Personality traits have an impact on a person’s ability to succeed as a chief executive, Marcello explains. 


For starter, a future CEO must have:

  • Excellent negotiators, managers, and communicators

  • Extroverts that are willing to travel and share the history of their firm

  • Capable of communicating a coherent vision and plan to personnel

  • Earns RESPECT


3. Get that bread!


For Marcello, the ability to work across all organizational levels to achieve difficult operational goals. This includes obtaining funding from the board or senior executives, giving direct reports on execution responsibilities, collaborating with other company departments, vendors, and clients, and helping the team spot and get around obstacles.


4. What’s your strategy?


The ability to evaluate a company’s prospects for the future, develop and implement strategies to take advantage of those opportunities, and effectively communicate those strategies to the business. Marcello reiterated that to become a CEO, a clear picture of your plans, ideas and goals should be clear and properly plotted. 


5. Innovation is the key!


If there’s one thing that Marcello can attribute to the success of his ventures – is the creativity and innovative minds of his team.


The ability to create an environment where great employees are motivated to generate new ideas, encouraging revenue growth and enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.



Marcello aimed to develop a setting that encourages development and creativity. He offers unquestionable records of e-commerce sites, along with the rest of the team, to demonstrate to potential consumers that the revenues are real and reliable.

When describing how their lives are and how others might generate passive money to achieve their goals, they are open and honest. To create material for TikTok, Marcello employed similar techniques. Anyone looking for further information on Project Wifi or BlackWater can quickly access links to those platforms’ own web pages.

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